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Statement to Duke’s Leadership and Faculty from the director of the Asian American Studies Program

I submit this statement as the Director of the new Asian American Studies Program and as a representative of the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies. I also submit this statement as an alumna of Trinity and a former student activist with a mandate from our current students, in the wake of the discriminatory biostatistics incident, to call Duke’s faculty and Duke’s leadership to action. 

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How to ask better questions

A few years ago, a group of students at my high school started a blog inspired by Humans of New York, where they compiled photos and stories of students and teachers.


What gets Blue Devils fired up?

You can be bummed about the K-Ville changes and recognize the larger issues that need student attention; the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but to have the former without the latter is a troubling allocation of time and investment.

Devil’s Krafthouse, the first vendor of the renovated West Union, opened at the end of February on the first floor of West Union.

A call for community

We have just completed the annual ritual of rush. Hundreds of students spent hours on end meeting with members of fraternities, sororities, and non-Greek selective living groups (SLGs) with the hope of being accepted to a tight-knit social communities.


How long has that book been on your shelf?

So, here we are in 2019. We haphazardly make a list of goals we want to achieve: go to Wilson at least once this semester, eat Sprout occasionally, actually eat lunch with your friend who hasn’t seen you in six months because you’re consumed by caffeine, courses and the chaos of Duke.


Writing on the light rail

Given Duke’s relationship to such projects in the past, hopefully whatever Price’s decision ends up being is one that will benefit many outside the walls of this college campus.


In defense of American support for Israel

Last Friday’s editorial, “AIPAC and the Blockade on Critiquing Israel,” perpetuates troubling myths about the roles of Jews in American politics, as well as inaccuracies about the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict, Middle East politics, and Zionism. 

Duke students often tent for their love of basketball or desire for more community.

Wait, I'm tenting again?

1:45 a.m. I wake with a jolt to the sound of the line monitors’ bullhorns—it seems like my body has more of a reaction to the distinct sound of these sirens now than it does to the sound of sirens that would go off during a real emergency. (Duke privilege, anyone?)


AIPAC and the blockade on critiquing Israel

The firestorm of events surrounding Omar’s correct assertion that a powerful lobbying group hold sway over politicians is indicative of just how difficult it is to have substantive conversations about Israel’s occupation of Palestine.