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TheSandbox: The naked truth about rejection

(09/16/04 4:00am)

In our continued efforts to provide you the inside scoop and commit federal offenses, RECESS senior editor Yoav Lurie snagged this letter from the Bryan Center Post Office. We had hoped the envelope addressed to the editors of Playboy would contain the secret exploits of a lusty coed, but we found that it actually contained something far more intriguing. To protect the innocent—and our own asses—we have left the writer’s signature out.

PSM need not sign statements

(09/14/04 4:00am)

Last Thursday, the Joint Israel Initiative issued an open letter to the organizers of the Palestine Solidarity Movement conference, calling for PSM and Hiwar to sign the statements they claim form �the necessary foundation of any meaningful dialogue.� By challenging PSM to sign statements that contradict the organization�s principles, the Joint Israel Initiative is sending a message that it is open to debate, but only if that debate is on its terms.

Revitalize the Coffeehouse

(09/09/04 4:00am)

The East Campus Coffeehouse has long been a quirky, unique haven most frequently utilized by alternative groups, attracting a clientele that might shy away from more mainstream campus culture. The Coffeehouse regulars and the student groups that often hosted events there enjoyed its late-night hours, the murals painted on the walls and the permission to smoke inside. It is truly a shame that the Coffeehouse has fallen into such disarray—from poor management and scheduling to poor building maintenance.