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‘Emergency Intercom’ and the humor in frankness

(09/23/22 11:00am)

I remember downloading Instagram in fourth grade, when the first “Hunger Games” movie had just been released and people thought that the Mayan calendar would predict the end of the world. Back then, humor online consisted of memes relating to shared experiences. Buzzfeed videos reigned supreme and “relatable” humor took over the internet. Phrases like “I did a thing” and “adulting” became the pinnacle of comedy, and millennials drove the online creation industry for 12 year olds like me to enjoy.

Able was Tilda ere she saw Elba: Old-fashioned desire in ‘Three Thousand Years of Longing’

(09/24/22 11:30am)

So rarely does a film fulfill all of our wishes. It is common practice, especially in the age of franchise hegemony, for viewers to air their grievances about just how a particular film falls short of their expectations. But do we really know what we want from films? And if we could rub a magic bottle, out of which would pop not a djinn (or genie), but a filmmaker, would we know what to wish for?  

5 things to know before Duke football hits the road for Kansas

(09/22/22 4:06am)

With a spotless 3-0 record, the Blue Devils will travel to Lawrence, Kan., this Saturday, to face off against another 3-0 program, the Kansas Jayhawks. Kansas, coming off of an impressive 48-30 victory at Houston, are heavy 7.5-point favorites in the matchup. However, Duke will go into Saturday riding the momentum from its blowout win against North Carolina A&T. Here are five things to look for when the game kicks off. 

Students Supporting Israel hosts activist Bassem Eid, discusses Palestinian leadership, Israel-Palestine conflict

(09/22/22 3:20am)

Human rights activist Bassem Eid, a Palestinian, discussed the Israeli-Palestinian conflict on the Gaza Strip and voiced his opinions on Palestinian leadership in an event hosted by Students Supporting Israel Sunday.

All-time empathy is toxic

(09/22/22 4:00am)

Too many times I have heard my entire girl group complain when one member opened up about being unhappy. The doctrine “walk in others’ shoes'' is rife on social media where people expect emotional reciprocity. Take for example a mean co-worker. “Oh, she’s a bitch to me too,” is what is expected of the listener in response to the litany of malicious practices done unto them by the referred “bitch.” When we immerse ourselves in the story of the complainer–whether heartbreaking, resentful or apprehensive–it feels as if we did an empathetic act of a supportive companion. However, the truth is that continual empathy in communication does not necessarily translate into healthy communication.

Duke doesn’t want me. Neither does my home.

(09/22/22 4:00am)

I live in a city known only to the world for its women’s prison that inspired Orange is the New Black and its sewage plant that memorializes the still-alive comedian John Oliver. Danbury, Connecticut—squared away in New England’s westernmost border—is virtually unknown to the Duke public, granting me an iota of something squarely mine on a campus teeming with commonalities.