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“It is, just us”: The Durham protest

(06/03/20 5:23am)

As I stood atop the grey slab of concrete in front of the Durham County Police Station, I raised my right hand in the air, stretched my finger out, and scanning the massive crowd of onlookers, I declared, “It is, Just Us!” In unison, each voice loudly repeated, “It is, Just Us!” The strands of “No Justice, No Peace” had run its course. It had been declared. Now, I felt a new, declarative chant must be thrown into the universe.  

White people, this is our problem

(06/02/20 4:28am)

I have never believed myself to be racist. But I haven’t been anti-racist either. I began to understand this more fully when I attended a Durham for All webinar shortly after the killing of Ahmaud Arbery became public. A Black woman from Durham expressed with exasperation and passion how White people need to be fighting the way Black people have to for their lives if the system is going to change. 

Duke Athletics’ Cutcliffe, Krzyzewski, McCallie and White release statements on events in Minneapolis

(06/01/20 7:24pm)

On Saturday, President Vincent Price released a statement regarding the death of George Floyd and the recent events in Minneapolis and across the country. Over the past few days, some of the most notable members of Duke Athletics have joined him.

Welcome Tattoo parlor reveals COVID-19’s impact on local businesses

(05/30/20 11:58pm)

Friday the 13th is consistently anticipated to be an eventful day among horror film fanatics and the subtly superstitious, but it is also a significant day in tattoo shops across the country. Sailors believed that tattooing the traditionally unlucky number 13 on their bodies would deter bad luck from following them, which encouraged others to flaunt the symbol with simple, spooky designs. Dallas tattoo artist Oliver Peck turned this trend into an event in the ‘90s and tattoo shops have been celebrating the mystic day with special events and mysteriously low prices — typically, $13 mysterious — since. 

Price updates community on planning for academic year, including calendar changes and guidelines for campus life

(05/29/20 11:57pm)

Update: This story was updated at 9:23 p.m. Friday with information from President Vincent Price and Provost Sally Kornbluth’s email to faculty, including that students will have to re-register for Fall courses and that faculty will not be required to teach on campus if they have concerns about health and safety. 

Summer Session II provides expanded selection of online arts courses

(05/29/20 10:52pm)

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many students are scrambling to find new summer plans after their original arrangements, including internships, travel, research, DukeEnage and study-abroad program, were canceled. To help students in this struggle, Duke has expanded its normal catalogue of summer classes. By partaking in summer classes,  students can catch up or get ahead in their academic pursuits while waiting for the pandemic to end so that they can resume other activities.

Remembering Karen Blumenthal: A selfless teacher

(06/01/20 4:00am)

From John Lumpkin, retired Director of the Schieffer School of Journalism at Texas Christian University, previously Vice President of Associated Press: Karen had a profound effect on journalism students at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth while I served as Director of the Schieffer School of Journalism. It was another example of the reach of her exceptional life. She brought business journalism at TCU to a new level as visiting professor, hired through a grant we secured from the Donald W. Reynolds Center at Arizona State University to create an emphasis on business reporting.  In doing so, she had a one-way commute in DFW Metroplex traffic of an hour or more for a one-hour classes in more than one subject.   In addition, she and I co-taught a newly established journalism capstone course in 2014 in which competitively chosen students partnered with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram in a major reporting project on civil asset forfeiture. The editor of the Star-Telegram warmly described the project here. Currently leading business journalism instruction at TCU is Dr. Melita Garza, who, like Karen, was a business reporter who acquired an MBA to accelerate their knowledge and understanding of the field they chose to cover. Dr. Garza wrote me after hearing of Karen's passing:

Historic moments: Nancy Hogshead brings home four medals at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games

(06/02/20 6:59pm)

The Chronicle’s best wins bracket previously introduced some of Duke men’s basketball’s top moments throughout the years. This new series coincides with those moments, shedding light on some of Duke Athletics’ other highlights throughout the school’s storied history. We hope you enjoy this stroll down memory lane. Today's moment: Nancy Hogshead brings home four medals at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.