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Crisis averted

(04/28/14 8:27am)

It was the last week of Volume 109’s summer production schedule and my first stab at handling real sleep deprivation. Writing two 10-page final essays on top of putting together a 50-page supplement had left me exhausted, stressed and a little loopy. It was in this mental state, sitting in The Chronicle’s 2,000 square-foot office copyediting a story, that a squirrel peeked its head out from behind my laptop.

Martin Dempsey to speak at Duke's 2014 commencement ceremony

(01/17/14 12:21am)

“I call myself the military’s highest-ranking student when people ask me my duty description. Since I’ve become chairman—even way before that—I’ve been on what I call a personal campaign of learning,” Dempsey said in a Duke News press release. “I try to reach out to industry, to academia, to nonprofits, to anybody I can, to hear their perspectives so that our armed forces can benefit from their insights."

Resident dramaturg highlights spring seasons in Duke and Durham theater

(01/14/14 11:37am)

JOJ: It’s a play from a different kind of era and performance. There are lots of conventions that were brand new at the time—notions of montage where characters were archetypes as opposed to realistic drama….It has an act of violence at its core, a courtroom scene. And she was one of the playwrights working in an era where that type of writing was still taking hold. 1928 was early modernism, so there are conventions we are now very comfortable with, but at the time were rather extraordinary.