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Ideas for celebrating your birthday in quarantine

(12/09/21 5:00am)

Birthdays! They happen once every 365 days, in celebration of the earth completing another orbit around the sun since your last birthday, and coincidently, happen to be the one thing I can never remember. After a certain age threshold, birthdays seem to start creeping up on you, and before you realize it, another year has already passed. Believe it or not, we are roughly a month away from inscrutable 2022, which is 10 years away from 2012, shared by the sci-fi disaster film of the same name where the world nearly came to an end. 

Remedies for writer's block

(11/12/21 12:25am)

You stare at the blank screen, and the blank screen stares back at you. It’s 3 AM on a Monday night and you have a paper due in the morning. You keep searching for the right word, the right phrase, the right way to start, and you wonder when introductions have become so intimidating, when they are the only section you glance at for assigned readings. You type a single word: “the”, because something is better than nothing, but then you press backspace, and you end up where you started. The blank page, and you wondering if nothing can still be better than nothing. 

The Road Back

(09/30/21 4:00am)

Some days, I wake up and hold a staring contest with the ceiling, lying in bed until I blink and start all over again. Other days, I stare at the sink mirror for a little too long, until someone walks through the door and I remember this isn’t my own bathroom. I’m not quite sure when it started, or if it even has a start. The best I can do is pin it to different parts of my life: maybe I haven’t been sleeping enough, maybe I just need to walk outside more, or maybe I’m just forgetting to feel the sunshine.