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Feeling guilty? Don't

(04/30/07 4:00am)

After four years here, this is what I have to say: "Thanks, Duke. It's been fun, but I'd really like to go now." While many of my classmates will wax nostalgic in these, our last few weeks in college ("Can you believe this is the last time we'll be at Shooter's as Duke students?" "Aren't you going to miss the Plaza/BC Walkway in the springtime?"), I cannot help but ask myself, "What am I doing still going to Shooter's anyway?" and, "Why the heck did they build this thing again, and is that a glow-in-the-dark statue of Buddha? How very enlightened.."

The Loyal Order of Alleva

(12/06/06 5:00am)

JOE ALLEVA IS remarkably unremarkable. He's uniquely not unique. He's abnormally normal. And he's exceptionally unexceptional. Now, don't take any of that the wrong way. It's just that he values virtues like hard work, loyalty and kindness. Who doesn't? He speaks in sports clichés so often that it seems that he may be a living, breathing cliché himself. He is extremely rational and eternally optimistic. He lights up when he talks about his family, about gathering around a dinner table for a big holiday meal.

The Magic Man

(10/27/06 4:00am)

He drops a handful of quarters on the back bar at Charlie's Pub and Grille. "Pick out four of 'em," he says, the sleeves of his white T-shirt rolled up to his elbows. "Now, if you see, all of these quarters have eagles on the back. And what do eagles do? "Right. They fly. So, I'm going to lay them here in my left hand like so. One, two, three, four. And hold my other hand over here, and you'll see." He gently shakes his hand, palm face up with the quarters in plain view. What were once four are now three, and he opens his right hand to reveal. "One has flown over here." Incredulous grins can't help but creep on the faces of those assembled at the bar.

Win some, lose some

(09/27/06 4:00am)

Playing in the World Series of Poker may be lucrative enough for some, but being sponsored at the event added a little cushion to Jason Strasser's bank account. Not that the senior needed it. Since 2004, when he began playing online in his Blackwell dorm room, he's earned enough money playing poker to put himself through college.

The Trial

(07/19/06 4:00am)

This is just the beginning. Four months after allegations that lacrosse players raped a exotic dancer at an off-campus party surfaced, after three students were indicted by a grand jury, after Duke cancelled the team's season and its coach resigned, this is still just the beginning.