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Unwrapping Duke

(05/02/05 4:00am)

 The way a person unwraps a present can say a lot about him or her. I realized that this past weekend as I handled ameticulously wrapped box placed in my lap. Karen had wrapped it so tightly that there was no evident fold under which I could slide my finger, gently undo the tape and extract the gift with the paper relatively intact.“What are you doing?” she laughed. “Who cares about the wrapping? Just rip it!” Three minutes later, when I was still searching for the perfect opening, Karen and the other women ceased to find me so cute. Half afraid they were going to take back the present, leave the party, or both, I gave into peer pressure and tore the gift open, somehow still managing to keep the wrapping in three delightfully whole pieces.

Duke Dhamaka dances to D.C.

(04/09/04 4:00am)

It is the NCAA Tournament of the bhangra world. Similar to college basketball teams' dream of reaching the Final Four, bhangra dance teams want to make it to Bhangra Blowout, the national bhangra dancing competition held annually in Washington, D.C. Tomorrow afternoon, Duke Dhamaka will be the Gonzaga of the contest, competing against nine bhangra powerhouses in its first Blowout appearance.

Hiker weathers sea- to-sea expedition

(02/03/04 5:00am)

Carrying a backpack bearing only food, water, camera and equipment, Andrew Skurka, Trinity '03, is staring down the trail with about 7,640 miles to go, but the weather is on his mind right now. A wintry mix is blowing into Ohio today and the snow will be arriving tomorrow and lasting a few days, so he will have to plow through the elements with his snowshoes in daytime temperatures hovering in the high twenties.

Civil rights activist argues for reparations as remedy

(02/26/03 5:00am)

Society in America today is like a 100-yard dash in which two groups are running, said lawyer, lobbyist and civil rights activist Randall Robinson. "One group runs, and the second group, you shoot them in the knees and say, 'Run! You can catch up!' But you can never catch up because great crimes have never been addressed," he said.