Chron15: Welcome to this year’s list of icons, leaders and pioneers

Welcome to this year’s Chron15.

The past year at Duke was one of controversy. The University unveiled a number of policy changes, found itself involved in multiple legal scandals and hosted student demonstrations on issues ranging from institutional divestment from fossil fuels to calls for a cease-fire overseas. However, it was also a year of great connection, with record-breaking athletic achievements and a resurgence in campus activism that brought students, faculty and alumni alike together in a testament to the power of the Blue Devil identity.

Whether it’s from our office at 301 Flowers or on the sidelines of Cameron Indoor Stadium, The Chronicle covers the stories that are central to the Duke community. While part of our responsibility is to shed light on the more serious happenings at Duke, we also aspire to uplift the voices of students and faculty members who work tirelessly every day to promote integrity, innovation and joy on campus.

At the end of each academic year, The Chronicle’s list of icons, leaders and pioneers seeks to highlight the contributions of these members of the Duke community who make us all proud to call ourselves Blue Devils.

Nominated by readers of The Chronicle and chosen by a special committee of staff, the members of this year’s Chron15 list are individuals and organizations that have committed countless hours to improve our academic programs, take our sports teams to victory and create spaces for all students to feel represented. They are people who exhibit artistic excellence, who foster meaningful community engagement and who dedicate each day to shaping the University's future for the better.

The members of this year’s Chron15 embody all that make Duke, Duke. But more importantly, they are the people who host your quad parties, run your student organizations or make your coffee every morning. They are Blue Devils just like you and me and serve as a reminder of the capacity for good stored in each member of our community. 

As you read the profiles of these 15 remarkable people and organizations, I hope you will take the time to reflect on their contributions but also those of the many people and groups that did not make the list. The Chronicle can only name 15 winners, but our readers can thank countless more community members for all they do to make our Durham campus a home.

Zoe Kolenovsky chaired the 2023-24 Chron15 committee. She is a Trinity junior and the Vol. 120 news editor.

Zoe Kolenovsky profile
Zoe Kolenovsky | News Editor

Zoe Kolenovsky is a Trinity junior and news editor of The Chronicle's 120th volume.


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