Heather Raslan elected DSG president, Akhilesh Shivaramakrishnan to be EVP

Heather Raslan
Heather Raslan

Junior Heather Raslan will be next year’s Duke Student Government president and junior Akhilesh Shivaramakrishnan will be DSG executive vice president.

A total of 2,482 undergraduate students cast a ballot in this year's DSG election, which was open from noon Wednesday to noon Thursday, wrote DSG Attorney General Annie Cui, a senior, in a Thursday evening email to The Chronicle.

DSG elections use an instant runoff voting system in which voters may rank the candidates.

Of the 2,482 who submitted ballots, 2,451 students voted in the presidential election. There were three rounds of vote counting due to the use of the ranked-choice voting system. In the first round of the election, junior Teddy Hur received 540 first-rank votes, Raslan received 931 and junior Emily Yagoda received 876. 

The election went on to a second round, in which the write-in votes were redistributed, exhausting 38 votes, according to Cui. Hur’s votes were then redistributed, exhausting 157 additional votes to reach a total 195 exhausted votes. In this final round of vote counting, Raslan received 1,180 votes and Yagoda received 1,076 votes. 

A total of 2,045 students voted in the election for EVP. Shivaramakrishnan received 1,866 votes.

Raslan is currently DSG’s vice president of academic affairs. She hopes to build closer partnerships with student organizations, reform DSG’s internal structure to create stronger mentorship and improve social life on campus. 

Shivaramakrishnan is the current DSG outreach coordinator and former associate vice president of Durham and community affairs. The sole candidate for EVP this year, he ran on a platform that focused on building stronger connections with first-year students, student groups, community partners and Durham at large.

A total of 2,396 students voted for the referendum on proposed amendments to the DSG constitution. Of these students, 2,280 voted in favor of the referendum and 116 voted against it.

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