Class of 2027 elects first-year DSG representatives

Duke Student Government will soon welcome its new first-year senators. 

The Class of 2027 voted for first-year senators from Sept. 14 at noon to Sept. 15 at noon, with 422 students participating — this yields a voter turnout of over 24%. DSG Attorney General Annie Cui, a senior, shared the results with The Chronicle by email. 

Candidates had to collect at least 25 signatures by Sept. 8 to be eligible according to DSG’s election bylaws. 

In DSG’s instant-runoff voting system, voters rank candidates in order, with votes being redistributed in successive rounds as the lowest-ranked candidates are eliminated. At the end of the process, two first-years were elected to each committee. No other candidate this year qualified for the election of the Academic Affairs Committee, according to Cui.

More first-years will enter the Senate through the at-large process, decided by interviews with a selection committee rather than elections. At-large applications will be due Sept. 18, and interviews will take place Sept. 19 to 24.

The newly elected representatives are as follows:

Academic Affairs: Rachel Talcoff

Campus Life: Angela Chen and Annie Nam

Durham and Community Affairs: Kartikeye Gupta and Haiden Bowling 

Equity and Outreach: Angela Xiong and Katie Li

Services and Sustainability: Aarav Dagar and Margaret Berei

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