Film Room: Lafayette presents Duke's next challenge

Duke will look to continue its hot start in Week 2 against Lafayette.
Duke will look to continue its hot start in Week 2 against Lafayette.

Duke football will be looking to build off a very strong start to the season with a Saturday afternoon matchup against Lafayette. The Blue Zone is here to give you a look at the Leopards before the game:

What a first week it was for the Blue Devils. They walked out of Wallace Wade Stadium with a major upset win against Clemson, turning what many projected as a loss into a blowout win. 

But Duke cannot rest on its laurels. The Blue Devils will go again on Saturday, when Lafayette comes to Durham. While this Leopards group is an FCS team coming into a hostile stadium, there are some weapons to be concerned about. Lafayette is not as talented as Clemson, but it certainly has put together a group that is nothing to be scoffed at.

The name to know on the offensive side of the ball is running back Jamar Curtis, who had a monstrous first game of the season against Sacred Heart. Curtis dropped an absurd 181 yards on the ground, running all over a helpless Pioneer defense. Take a look here, as he gets around the edge for a 28-yard touchdown. 

One of the other big factors on offense for the Leopards will be quarterback Ryan Schuster, who missed most of last season after an injury, but will return to the starting role for Lafayette this year. Look here, as Schuster takes it around the left side for a big-time score. (1:34)

That being said, part of last year involved a quarterback-by-committee rotation for the Leopards, especially after Schuster’s injury. Here, backup signal-caller Dean DeNobile takes the ball down to the one yard line. (4:38)

On the defensive side of the ball, Lafayette was solid in its season opener. It allowed just 14 points against Sacred Heart and also picked up three sacks. In this clip from the end of the Leopards’ season opener, the pass rush forces the bad throw from the Pioneer quarterback, sealing the tight game late. (5:23)

Duke is projected to win the football game. The Blue Devils are an FBS team at home, hot off a huge win against the Tigers. But, they cannot let that one victory get to their heads. One loss on Saturday will count just as much as that win did on Monday when it comes to the schedule. This is a very winnable game, as long as Duke does not get complacent. 


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