DSG senators approve updated K-Ville policies, recognize new engineering fraternity

<p>Duke Student Government Senate at their Sept. 21, 2022 meeting.</p>

Duke Student Government Senate at their Sept. 21, 2022 meeting.

Duke Student Government senators approved new K-Ville gameday policies and recognized a general engineering fraternity at their Wednesday meeting.

The senators heard from Head Line Monitors Emma Smith and Didac Garcia-Grau, both seniors, and junior McKenna Raley, co-vice president of operations, who presented the updates to the K-Ville Gameday Policy

The changes include new rules clarifying COVID-related policies, moving early walk-up line registration online and changing the standard weather forecast to the Weather Channel. The new policy also directs requests for disability accommodations directly to the Student Disability Access Office.

Smith explained a new rule that allows students to add themselves to an existing group during walk-up line checks. This rule prevents groups from adding strangers during line checks and swapping them out afterwards as needed.

“Essentially, you can join a group during a walk-up line check, but if you add yourself during that check, you're locked into that group. So the stranger on the sidewalk is now in your group permanently — you can’t swap them out,” she said.

The new policies will also affect tenting in K-Ville.

“This year, in order to accommodate for updated guidance, we have removed the rule prohibiting tables and drinking games in K-Ville,” Smith said. “There used to be a mask mandate in place in K-Ville. That is now lifted in accordance with University guidance, but if things need to change, we have the ability to do that later on.”

More updated guidance on tenting policy will be released in November, according to Smith.

A new community for engineers

DSG senators officially recognized a new engineering fraternity, Duke Theta Tau. The fraternity will be changing its name to Duke Theta Tau Alpha, according to President Evan Glas, a senior. Glas, co-president Rishi Ravula, a junior, and Ruth Player, a junior, attended the Senate meeting to respond to questions about the fraternity’s selection process and purpose.

When asked about the purpose of the fraternity, Glas explained the need to build an interdisciplinary community.

“It is very important that engineers have the opportunity to interact with engineers of other majors and other backgrounds,” he said. “For me personally, as an electrical engineer, we don’t have those specific societies for electrical engineers, so I don’t have a space where I can build a network or meet other engineers.”

The fraternity plans to host workshops and networking events for its members and possibly collaborate with chapters at other colleges and universities, like North Carolina State University.

In other business

DSG Executive Vice President Devan Desai, a senior, reported that at-large applications and signatures for first-year senator elections will be due next Wednesday, Sept. 28. 

DSG Attorney General Nellie Sun presented updated rules for election procedures. Under these new procedures, DSG will reimburse up to $25 for first-year candidates running for Senate. Sun will outline more regulations at the Election Rules and Proceedings Meetings on Sept. 24 and Oct. 1. 

The senators also had a surprise guest at their meeting. Former DSG President Tommy Hessel, Trinity ‘21, attended the first part of the meeting. Hessel, who was in Durham for the TechConnect career event, served as DSG president for the 2020-21 academic year. 

The senators allocated $10,024.71 for the Black Student Alliance’s Cookout for the Culture on Sept. 30. They also approved $4,550 for the Duke Brazilian Student Association to transport students to vote in the Brazilian Election at the Brazilian Embassy in Washington D.C., as voting in Brazil is mandatory. Senators allocated $3,920 for the Hindu Student Association’s Navaratri Celebration on Oct. 12 and $1,500 for the Undergraduate Environmental Union to host speaker Daniel Carrión.

The senators also approved $1,130.86 for the Pakistani Students Association to cover an overdraft and debt. PSA did not receive expected funds from the Cultural Engagement Fund, leading to the overdraft. During debate, Desai mentioned the ongoing issues student groups have faced in accessing CEF funds.

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