Here’s what you need to know to host campus events with alcohol



Are you hosting an event that has alcohol this year? Here’s what you need to know.

Last March, Duke loosened aspects of its policy on alcohol and drugs. Previously, all kegs and common source containers, which includes punch bowls, coolers, kiddie pools or garbage bins, were banned in public spaces. 

Now, kegs that are licensed and obtained from a “licensed retailer,” including ABC stores or breweries, are permitted in common rooms on West Campus dorms. Events with kegs in common rooms or other spaces on campus must have at least 50 attendees, per the Office of Student Conduct & Community Standard’s A-Z Policies.

Common source containers are still prohibited, unless permission has been granted for their use by the University. Per the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy, “hard or spirituous liquors” may not be provided unless a licensed service is used at the event.

For events with more than 25 people, students must register them with the University and must  have designated social hosts. 

Duke Student Government introduced social hosts as “sober, active bystanders that assist in promoting safe, social behaviors to ensure that the event ends well for all those attending,” according to an Instagram post

Events must have one social host for every 25 people, per the Instagram post. The policy applies to events hosted by clubs and organizations, quads and houses, University departments and individuals.

Social hosts for potential events must attend a training workshop, regardless of whether they attended one last year. Events take place from Aug. 29 to Sept. 2 and individuals can register on Duke Groups. 

Topics discussed in the workshops include the new alcohol policy, the role of social hosts, hands-only CPR and controlled bleeding first aid, among others, according to the post. 

Students must be 21 or older to consume alcohol on West Campus. East Campus remains a dry campus and alcohol is not permitted, which remains unchanged from the previous policy.

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