Duke Honor Council endorses Drew Flanagan for DSG president


Editor's note: Devan Desai, Honor Council chair and a signatory to this letter, is also DSG president pro tempore. 

The Duke University Honor Council is pleased to formally endorse Drew Flanagan for Duke Student Government president. After being impressed by both candidates on February 27, we believe that Drew is the best candidate for advancing our organization’s values of honor, integrity and moral courage.

In Drew’s work as SOFC chair, he has proven his commitment to improving Duke for all students. The Council was impressed by his detailed responses and proven record in understanding the role of honor and integrity on campus. When asked about advancing the goals of the Honor Council at Duke, Drew provided excellent ways of how we can advocate for ourselves and even integrated our needs into actionable items. Drew was knowledgeable about our Integrity Week events and how we can showcase our values on campus. His history of working with student groups shined throughout his meeting with us.

Furthermore, we appreciated Drew’s authenticity and furthering the voices of student groups on campus that do not already have a voice. Our members were impressed with his overall platform and how it related to all aspects of the campus community. Drew’s platform and responses to our questions show that he is committed to advocating for honor and integrity on campus, and we believe that he is the best candidate for these reasons.

The Duke Honor Council also recognizes the high moral standards that each of the candidates demonstrated. We commend Lana Gesinsky’s valuable work through the DSG Campus Life Committee and her passion for uplifting students in the Duke Community. We were particularly impressed with Lana’s values, project ideas, and candor in her responses. We wish both candidates the best of luck with the campaign and thank them for their past and current work to improve our university.

Devan Desai, Honor Council Chair
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences ‘23
Recused: Josee Li
Absent Members: David Gust, Shannon Smith, Elizabeth Reneau, Kristen Ankoma-Sey, Jaimie McKeel, Alexandra Bennion, Ritika Revoori, Clayton Bromley, Vijay Anne, Caroline Cornett, Annie Feibel, Ari Levine, Kelis Johnson, Gabi Marushack, Sachin Shah


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