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Student discourse is common on campus, but how often do you get to shape the very substance of this dialogue? Duke is home to an extremely diverse student body – in interests, political thought, race, etc –, but when can you interact with a truly diverse cross-section of these different populations? In 301 Flowers (or more recently, on their very own Zoom applications), a group of 10-15 students gather weekly to engage in lively discussions and write about issues pertinent to our student body. In these meetings, voices from across campus come together to confront any questions that arise regarding campus, local and national news. There are no limitations to what we can write about – articles topics have ranged from the fiscal responsibility of the University and pre-professionalism on campus to reflections about campus social life and commentary on political changes in Durham. We are the Community Editorial Board, The Chronicle’s independent student voice, and today, we invite you to join the discussion.

The mission of the Community Editorial Board is to enright campus dialogue by offering thoughtful opinions on pressing issues faced by those at Duke, Durham, and beyond. These columns hold students, faculty and administrators publicly accountable for their statements and actions and help students sharpen their journalistic and writing skills. Furthermore, we challenge readers with questions that need to be asked, perspectives that need to be heard and ideas that need to be pondered about their time in higher education. 

Do you find yourself wondering about why Duke Kunshan exists, how Duke should address Title IX cases or even the implications of Duke’s food plan system? We will debate any idea that you pitch, and transform mere questions into bold, thoughtful columns. Our process is simple: we brainstorm topics that occupy the mindspace of our students. We research, reflect, and analyze different aspects about the topics until our group reaches a consensus and then we vote on an issue for the week. Ultimately, we strive to provide Duke students with an intelligent opinion to ponder.

If pitching, discussing and writing about significant issues pertaining to all areas of student life interests you, join us! We recognize that every Duke student possesses a unique voice, and welcome all perspectives possessed by our student body. Applications can be found here and are due next Friday, January 14th. For more information, contact

​​Note: This editorial was written by the chair of the Community Editorial Board.


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