The best virtual DukeCreate workshops to tune into this fall

<p>The DukeCreate program began in the Arts Annex in 2015.</p>

The DukeCreate program began in the Arts Annex in 2015.

As the Duke community continues to practice social distancing this fall, DukeCreate will offer free workshops in a wide range of arts practices, including dance, visual art, music, film and creative technology. These online workshops are open to students, faculty and staff of all skill levels and backgrounds. Whether you “Zoom” in from the safety of your home, your apartment or even your childhood bedroom, DukeCreate encourages its participants to develop a wide range of creative skills in a welcoming group setting.

The DukeCreate program began in the Arts Annex in 2015, where weekly group classes, taught by professional artists, were centered around the visual arts, such as painting, drawing, ceramics, screen printing and photography. Over the last eight years, the program has collaborated with many organizations on campus to provide more diverse offerings in all areas of the arts.

DukeCreate has partnered with the Innovation Co-Lab Roots Series to offer the following interdisciplinary classes in creative technology and the arts this fall:

An Introduction to Adobe Premiere: A Duke Student Broadcasting Collaboration

Sept. 15, 3-5 p.m.

Learn how to use the film editing software Adobe Premiere with J. Brandon Johnson, a multimedia producer at Duke.

3D Modeling 101: TinkerCAD

Sept. 16, 3-5 p.m.

Learn how to use TinkerCAD for 3D Modeling with Chip Bobbert, founder and manager of Duke CoLab Studios.

Adobe Dimension: Creating 3D Graphics

Sept. 22, 1-3 p.m.

Learn how to work in 3D to create the perfect images and graphics for your work with Sandra Bermond, the program manager of the Innovation Co-Lab.

DukeCreate has also partnered with Duke Cinematic Arts to teach filmmakers practical techniques necessary for the craft. Streamed live from the Cinematic Arts Film Studio, these workshops focus on cinematography, lighting, editing, post-production and sound:

Film Lighting: Strategy and Techniques

Sept. 17, 12:30-2:30 p.m.

Learn about cinematic lighting by understanding how light occurs in the world and how it can be constructed for film. This workshop is taught by Steve Milligan, a professional cinematographer and lecturing fellow in the Cinematic Arts at Duke.

Film Lighting: Fixtures and Gripping

Sept. 24, 12:30-2:30 p.m.

Learn about the specific tools employed in cinematic lighting and their infinite possibilities. This workshop, also taught by Steve Mulligan, is a companion to Film Lighting: Strategy and Techniques.

Another collaboration between DukeCreate and DuWell has allowed for artists to reduce their stress and anxiety through wellness practices:

Easing Tension Through Mindful Movement: An Introduction to Alexander Technique

Sept. 23, 6-7 p.m.

Learn about daily movement practices that lead to less tension and fatigue and greater creative freedom through the Alexander Technique, taught by Dr. Shawn L. Copeland, a music professor at the University of Idaho.

DukeCreate has also partnered with student organizations on campus, like Mi Gente, the Latinx community at Duke, and VisArts, the visual arts committee of Duke University Union:

Mi Gente will begin their Latinx Heritage Month celebration on Sept. 18 from 5-7 p.m. with El Poder de la Comunidad (The Power of Community), a collaboration with DukeCreate. After an hour-long art session led by members of Mi Gente, Dr. Lauren Czaplicki, a Duke alumna, will speak on what it means to be part of the Latinx community.

The DUU VisArts committee will continue its “Paint Like” series on Sept. 28 from 6-7 p.m. with a workshop centered on recreating iconic television artist Bob Ross’s “Autumn Fantasy,” taught by Durham artist Christine Holton. Free supplies are provided for the first 30 Durham-based students who register. 

DukeCreate quickly transitioned online after their in-person programming was suspended earlier this spring. It’s apparent that these arts workshops are needed more than ever as more students, faculty and staff are seeking solace in creative practice. DukeCreate’s vast schedule of workshops is updated frequently throughout the school year, so there is always a new activity to look forward to. 

Ultimately, the program encourages its participants to explore new artistic mediums without the fear of judgment or pressure from the outside world. As a result, DukeCreate has become an inclusive space greatly appreciated by the Duke community.

DukeCreate is sponsored by the Office of the Vice Provost for the Arts (DukeArts) and University Center Activities and Events (UCAE). For a full list of events, visit


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