The cloud of the flu continues to hover over campus, and the Krzyzewskiville shutdown will now last for longer than a week.

The line monitors texted the K-ville Listserv Monday afternoon that the indefinite grace period will be extended through at least Thursday morning. At that point, they will reassess the situation with Larry Moneta, vice president for student affairs. No tenters have been in K-ville since the grace period started last Wednesday night.

Tenters were encouraged to check on their shelters during Sunday's steady rain to ensure that their tarps were still in place, but they will have plenty of time to dry out before students have to return now.

More comfortable times are also on the horizon. Thursday is the last night of Blue Tenting, in which six people in each 12-person group must be in K-ville during night hours. White Tenting begins the night of Feb. 9, when only two people in each group need to be in the tent during night hours. 

The race to the secret spot to decide which groups earn coveted White Tenting spots is still scheduled for Tuesday night at 9 p.m.