Eleven semifinalists have been selected by the Young Trustee Nominating Committee. 

Of the current group, two to four will move on as finalists, and of which one finally will be elected as Young Trustee by the student body. The semifinalists include Elizabeth Brown, Michelle Chen, Lesley Chen-Young, Bryce Cracknell, Will Hardee, Whitney Hazard, Amy Kramer, Chinmay Pandit, Natalie Shammas, Isabella Turchetta and Austin Wu. The majority of the semifinalists are seniors, with the exception of Will Hardee, a junior.

This year, Duke Student Government Senate passed an amendment to the by-laws for the Young Trustee Nominating Committee. The amendment changed the minimum number of committee members from 10 to eight and enabled a quorum to be assembled at seven members.

“Lowering the minimum number of committee members does not require us to fill [as many] spots, so we can pick the best people,” said DSG President Riyanka Ganguly, a senior, at the time.