(Made-up) Prop Bets for Duke-UNC

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Taylor Doherty just put up a blog post detailing the prop bets up for tonight's game, along with his picks for them. So I thought I'd add my two cents. Here's a list of over/under prop bets not found on any gambling sites, though they should be. (I went ahead and gave my prediction for my own prop bets. Just roll with me here.)

Brian Zoubek Fouls: +/- 3.5

My Pick: OVER

It's no secret that Zoubek stands to get a lot of PT tonight. The Plumlees haven't exactly been lighting it up lately—Miles is averaging 3.4 points over the last five games, Mason 2.6. Zoubek, on the other hand, has been playing very well. Since the win at home against Maryland, the big fella has been a force on the glass (especially on the offensive end) and has moved from being an offensive liability to at least a neutral presence.

With increased minutes, though, comes more fouls. Zoubek averages an ungodly 6.65 fouls per 40 minutes. Expect physical play for the rivalry game and, presumably, referees that don't want the game to get out of hand. Hence, a bunch of debatable foul calls, and a bunch of fouls for Zou'.

Amount of Times Ed Davis Jumps Up to Pat Teammates on the Back: +/- 87

My pick: OVER

Ever since Davis went down with a wrist injury, the formerly sullen sophomore has become Mr. Personality on the North Carolina bench, high-fiving teammates and leading the team in back pats. These things happen after your draft stock falls so much you realize you have to to come back for your junior year. (Zing!)

Minutes for Andre Dawkins: +/- 8

My pick: UNDER

A toughie. Minutes for Dawkins have been schizophrenic this year, especially since ACC play began. He didn't play in the home blow-out against Georgia Tech, barely played in a close contest at Boston College, yet played nine minutes in Wednesday's loss in College Park (and made two 3-pointers). My pick is that he comes in early, misses back rim on a couple of 3's— you don't think his adrenaline will be pumping?—and K yanks him out. He'll get garbage minutes if Duke pulls ahead big late.

Amount of Time it Takes Roy Williams to Turn Beet-Red from Arguing with the Referees: +/- 7 minutes

My pick: UNDER

Oh, you know Ol' Roy will be working the refs tonight. Expect Williams to turn a hue normally reserved for freshly polished fire trucks after the first iffy call that goes Duke's way. It'll probably happen early, especially if (as I said before) the zebras try to control the game.

"Don't Miss, Deon" Heckles: +/- 9,000

My pick: OVER

I'm not a citizen of K-ville—I have neither the immune system nor general fortitude to be one—so I'm not sure how many times the Crazies have planned to chant this at Deon Thompson. It's a safe bet that he'll at least hear it during his first free throw attempts. And that first chant will definitely not be the last. So, along with most fans in the upper deck yelling it out, 9,000 seems to be a safe number. This is after all the first chance that any Duke fans will get to heckle Ol' Roy in person about his (mis)handling of the situation at the Presbyterian game.

Odds a Senior Kisses Center Court: OFF

Vegas took this off the board, the action was so slanted. Either Scheyer, Zoubek or Thomas will kiss center court after Duke wins, 79-67 (my pick, by the way). Enjoy the game, everyone.


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