The Duke Democrats proudly endorses Chelsea Goldstein for Young Trustee.

We were particularly impressed with Goldstein’s ability to be an effective communicator, her detailed articulation of the challenges facing undergraduate women and independents at Duke, and her commitment to making environmental sustainability a more serious university priority. Goldstein also has a thorough understanding of Duke’s institutions, previously serving as member of a Board of Trustees committee, Duke Student Government vice president for academic affairs, and as a tireless student advocate and leader. We also believe that it is important to have more women on the Board of Trustees and Goldstein will be an incredibly well versed and complementary addition to the Board.

We were also quite pleased with John Harpham. Harpham demonstrated incredible eloquence and intelligence and a perceptive grasp of the issues facing Duke in the wake of the Great Recession. Harpham would be a conscientious and insightful Young Trustee.

Zach Perret’s background in the natural sciences coupled with his dedication to the arts make him an intriguing candidate and Perret would bring a different perspective to the Board. Perret also has experience serving on a Board of Trustee committee. But we felt that Goldstein and Harpham better articulated the challenges facing Duke’s campus culture.

Ben Bergmann

President, Duke Democrats

Trinity ’11