The Twitterati's Prayers Are Answered

Not even the Twitterati knew what to expect before Duke's 101-91 win over Wake Forest Sunday. When we called for predictions on Twitter, no one called for career performances from Gerald Henderson and Jon Scheyer—but to be fair, if anyone had, we'd be sufficiently spooked. All rationality about this team was dismissed long ago. So the Twitterati resorted to prayers, and Henderson a higher force was there to answer.

We'll hear more from you later, Michael.

Duke Basketball: Mark's anti-drug.

Duke fans have to hope Henderson has the same reaction when the Blue Devils unveil the road jerseys at North Carolina, right Yod?

Ding, ding, ding. We have a one-liner of the night, Drew. The prize? An all-expenses-paid trip to... The Sports Blog!

Nice work, Michael. Be sure to let the Blue Devils know when you're in the Chapel next.

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