In The City That Never Sleeps, It's A Boring Night For The Twitterati

Yawn. Even a Duke win, the Blue Devils' first in three games, couldn't awake the Twitterati, who seemed more bored than engaged for the entire game. Maybe it was the lethargic tone of Brent Musburger and Bob Knight (more from him later) or maybe it was the cavernous feel of Madison Square Garden—whatever the case, Duke fans managed to nap while their team played in the city that never sleeps. (But David Cutcliffe has already tweeted four times today!)

Amanda Rykoff reminds us that we're not in Cameron Indoor Stadium anymore.

Nothing like a little bit of snark to keep everyone awake, right Zane?

On a more serious note, Dave Marquard is absolutely right. It doesn't matter that Bob Knight is a coaching legend—he's now a paid analyst for ESPN, and someone has to tell him that Mike Krzyzewski's team is not "the Dukes." Calling LeAnne Schreiber!

Looks like at least someone wasn't sleeping. Nice observations, Matthew.

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