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Renaming The Wade Wackos

In writing a story about Duke students' newfound football spirit for Monday's SportsWrap, I found myself flirting with the idea of creating a moniker for Sections 20-23 of Wallace Wade Stadium and catapulting myself to the associated legendary stardom. I tried to imagine how the nickname "Cameron Crazies" came to be in attempt to cement my legacy on this stone-laden campus.

And then I stumbled across Duke's trademark website and learned that some suit had already beaten me to the punch, presumably long ago. The "official" name of the student section: the Wade Wackos.

I can tell you're just as enthused as I am.

In full disclosure, my quest failed not just because of the University's legal team but because of my own lack of creativity; quite simply, I couldn't think of a name worthy enough to stand the test of time. But cynicism and pessimism has always come easily to me, which is why I'm happy to reject calling Duke students the Wade Wackos in favor of an option TBD at a later date—which, of course, is where you come in.

If you're with me and acknowledged the flatness and laughable absurdity of calling yourself a Wade Wacko, drop a comment below with another name for the student section. It can refer to Wallace Wade Stadium, of course, and a pun on David Cutcliffe might be a good idea. Or you can be completely original and think of something so perfect that it cannot be described in a how-to guide.

One caveat: Roof's Rough Riders has already been deemed ineligible by this prestigious committee of one.

—by Ben Cohen


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