Change comes quickly at the University, and other times not at all. New additions this fall will include a new athletics director, a new dean of engineering, a coffee shop, a yet-to-be-named Asian restaurant, and seven pole-mounted warning sirens for campus emergencies.

Did you know: Newly hired Athletics Director Kevin White was considered a candidate for the position, interviewed and hired over two days late in the month of May.

Although a search committee was formed with the intention of making a hire in the fall, President Richard Brodhead sped up the process during his three-hour meeting with White, during which the former Notre Dame AD went from being a consultant to being considered as the top candidate for the position, which had been vacated by the highly-criticized Joe Alleva four weeks prior.

By contrast, it has been nearly 18 months since the former Director of Parking and Transportation Services left Duke, but no search committee has yet been formed. Will Brodhead take a similar course, bypassing Kemel Dawkins, vice president of campus services, and finding his own candidate?

Though less transparent than a search committee, it might get the job done, which PTS has thus far been unable to do. To their credit, they have been short-staffed for a year and half now.... Chuck Catotti can only fill so many shoes.

Dukies are still waiting with baited breath to see which Asian dining institution will make its way into the BC. Lemon Grass is out... Panda Express is in? Director of Dining Services Jim Wulforst told the Chronicle in May that no "neon, fast-food" place will be coming to the BC. Hmmm, sounds like Panda Express to us. Meanwhile, Cup A Joe is still slated to go into the Gothic Bookshop. Sorry all you Starbucks afficianados.

At the Arts and Sciences Council's May meeting, three faculty members who will remain anonymous had some harsh words for the new athletic strategic plan. Professors being outraged about athletics is nothing new (lacrosse, anyone?) but this year seems like a particularly tender time to attack the athletic department.

Then again, if the football team regresses back to another 0-12 season, RM is all for complaining about the strategic plan.

Overheard: That the RLHS ban on lofted beds on West was passed over Campus Council's heads. If such an event were even considered news anymore, RM would be concerned.

CHARITY OF THE MOMENT: There are plenty of campus causes to support but here's a new one: Lung cancer. Two seniors spent last semester laying the groundwork for massive on-campus publicity for the #1 cancer killer in the coun try.

At the end of spring semester they brought a benefit concert alive in the French Science Center, including stories, music and the ubiquitous Duke University Improv.

RM hears the show returns this semester under the "Zindagi" banner. Here's to supporting something a little bit different in the new year.


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