Media Guides Imitate Life

Aaron McFarling of The Roanoke Times has a light column up, ranking ACC teams' media guides and using the appearance of the yearbooks to foreshadow that team's season (Duke's 2008 media guide isn't online yet). His take:

A "D" in the middle and "2008 DUKE FOOTBALL" in small print on the bottom. That's it. Oh, wait. There's also a faint, bespectacled face on the left side.

Analysis: This is how you usher in a new era? With Cutcliffe the Friendly Ghost? Unreal. Freshly hired coach David Cutcliffe -- highly respected by his peers and the SEC coach of the year just five seasons ago -- ought to be splashed all over. Your logo isn't that cool, Duke. And Lord knows this team needs all the hope it can get.

McFarling's prognosis for Duke? Not one David Cutcliffe would be happy with: 0-12.


--by Ben Cohen


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