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Whitney Beckett



'Sex' says farewell

Retailers are now offering tank tops that read: "I'm a Charlotte" [read: You have three months to propose]; "I'm a Samantha" [read: Buy me a drink]; "I'm a Miranda" [read: Run]; and "I'm a Carrie"...


Contraceptive Reviews

For those not ready for the MRS, DAD and MOM degrees (or in non-sex survey terms, those who want to improve their complexions and regulate their cycles), recent innovations in the birth control...


The hottest thing on campus

Sophomores Lizzie and Kathryn Fortunato just bunked the beds in their Craven Quad room--not to frat-boytize their room, but to fit Lizzie's sewing machine, which they brought back with them over...


What NOT to wear this winter:

As the leaves begin to change colors, you should take a hint and begin to change clothes. This list should be particularly helpful for folks hailing from South Florida where there is but one season.

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