Letter: 'Devils for Dole' coverage is inaccurate, misleading

In a recent Chronicle editorial, there were several inaccurate inferences made regarding the Blue Devils for Elizabeth Dole reception. It is obvious that no one from The Chronicle who wrote the editorial was actually in attendance.

While several prominent members of the University community lent their individual support to the event, their collective sponsorship should not be overemphasized. In actuality, more than 20 people wound up serving as hosts to the event. In his remarks, men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski described his personal reasons for supporting Dole. Although Krzyzewski is respected and well-known because of his position at Duke, the alumni, faculty and students are smart enough not to make a spurious connection and automatically assume that Duke is issuing a University support of Dole.

In addition to the names printed on the invitation, there were more than 15 students in attendance, some supporters of Dole, others who wanted to be exposed to her message. After remarks, Dole was able to interact individually with students and expound on her "Dole Plan" for the state.

The Chronicle should note that Democrat Erskine Bowles had a fundraiser event on campus with Dean Smith--the notable former University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill men's basketball coach. Does that imply that UNC supports Bowles? Hardly. There are many Dole supporters affiliated with UNC.

An accomplished alumna with more than 40 years of public service, Dole is a qualified and intelligent candidate. If, as was stated in the editorial, it is appearances that matter, perhaps The Chronicle should consider making an appearance at the events they cover and getting the facts straight.


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