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Up Close & Personal

Recess plays Bob Costas with rowing sensation Elizabeth Smith.

The 22-year-old Smith, a New York native and econ major at Williams College, is an alternate and the youngest member on the U.S. women's rowing team.

While we were at the Hideaway . . .

"We just finished ... an incredibly intense, full-training cycle that emphasizes race pace and race intensity work. In short--short and painful workouts followed by long and painful ones."

Nike, are you listening?! . . .

"Everyone, it seems, and every corporation, has attached their name to anything even remotely connected to the Olympics. It works to the benefit of the athletes at times, but other times, it gets a little frustrating to feel like someone's ad campaign."

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille. . . .

Once on the water, no interviewer can get you and cameras are all on shore, so you're pretty safe. Ignoring what other people will think or how it will look is something you get to practice every day. It's just another part of racing.

On the hunt for a bloomin' onion? . . .

People love the Olympics, Olympians, and anything even remotely related. Then, sometimes, they could all care less--just don't ever forget why you're doing it.


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