Student YouTube video supporting Miss America gains national attention

A video featuring Duke students expressing support for newly crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri has garnered national attention—including recognition from Davuluri herself.

Fort Duke beats world record, stresses sustainability

Cardboard boxes and volunteers littered the Chapel Quad as students beat the world record for the largest structure constructed with only boxes and tape.

Graduate students find community on the field

"Pitch, Please" and "Ball's Deep" may sound like the start of an inappropriate joke, but they are actually just the names of two graduate student sports teams.

Greek Convocation stresses unity

The convocation stressed the importance of unity across the different ethnicities, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds found in Greek life.

Fix My Campus targets food trucks, efficient recycling

Fix My Campus is working on multiple projects, such as bringing more food trucks to the on-campus dining line-up.

New student group connects students to service through dance

A new student group is connecting Duke students to children in Durham through the power of dance.

Undergraduate entrepreneurs utilize Uni to meet goals

While keeping up with heavy course loads, some students have decided to take on the extra challenge of creating and maintaining a startup company.

New campus enterprise allows students to purchase class notes

A new campus enterprise could give students more options for acquiring notes when they miss a class.

Graduate students secure new loan options

As of this academic year, graduate students have a new means of securing loans in advance of their stipends.

Student-led campaign aims to divest Duke from fossil fuel industries

A group of Duke students are campaigning to remove the University’s investments in the top 200 publicly-traded companies.

Duke admins quiet on sexual assault guideline

Although Duke put forth new sexual assault sanction guidelines this summer, administrators are not forthcoming about how the changes will work in practice.

Greek students content with housing model as it enters second year

Now in its second year now, the housing model has received neutral to positive feedback from students.

Students respond to housing model

“I’m living on Central campus with my sorority. The bus is a little inconvenient but I love having an apartment. It’s great.”—Sophomore Kelsey Sumner

Football tailgate revised, once again

This year, the Inferno hopes to bring more fire to Football Gameday.

Colum McCann talks 9/11, literature

Colum McCann recently visited campus to speak to first years about "Let the Great World Spin" and the start to their college experience.

Shooters II has raised its entry fee for Duke students under 21.

Shooters doubles rates due to recent damages

Due to rowdy freshmen and extensive property destruction in the last two weeks, Shooters has raised its cover fee for Duke students under 21 years old from $5 to $10.

DUU gallery exhibits student art

The Duke University Union aims to expose the University community to artwork by students and professional artists through the Louise Jones Brown Gallery.

First-Time Animator wins STEAM Challenge

Sophomore Rebecca Lai, a first-time animator, was the winner of the STEAM challenge.

New grocery delivery service introduced to Duke's campuses

A new grocery delivery service run by undergraduate students, made its first delivery Sunday.

Rachael Nedrow is the world’s second fastest female speed stacker and is featured in a Skrillex song.

Cup stacking champ Rachael Nedrow discusses the sport and Skrillex

The Chronicle sat down with Rachael Nedrow about cup stacking and Skrillex

Senior class comes together for 'last hurrah'

The first-ever Senior Class Kickoff was held Wednesday night in Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Duke disbands bike loaner program

Duke recently disbanded its bike loaner program due to a lack of space, funding and interest. But some students are already looking for ways to bring it back.

LGBT Center name change aims to increase inclusivity

The Center for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Life has changed its name to appeal more broadly to the campus community.

Bryan Center officially opens to students

Students flocked to the Bryan Center Monday to experience the official reopening of its renovated spaces.

Duke moves freshmen parking to Smith Warehouse

Near the end of March, the decision was made to move first year parking to Smith Warehouse, which is about a five to ten minute walk from East Campus.