DukeOpen members continued their push for endowment transparency by hanging this sign in front of the Allen Building Wednesday.

DukeOpen members target Allen Building in latest demonstration

Student group DukeOpen continued to protest for endowment transparency Wednesday, hanging a banner reading “Transparency Now” in front of the Allen Building.

BME students explore life on $2 a day

Students participating in an annual biomedical engineering project were required to limit their spending to $14 per week.

Members of DukeOpen wrap the James B. Duke statue on West Campus to promote endowment transparency.

DukeOpen wraps statues to promote endowment transparency

The two-fold approach began shortly after 11:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and simultaneously covered the statues of James B. Duke and Benjamin Duke.

Center for Multicultural Affairs holds talk on Latino, Latin American students

The Center for Multicultural Affairs held a discussion on the cultural gap between Latino and Latin American students Monday.

Students and alumni comment on homecoming weekend

The Chronicle’s Annie Straneva spoke with visiting alumni, students and others about their thoughts on the annual Homecoming festivities this weekend.

Revived student group advocates for worker rights

After several years on hiatus, United Students Against Sweatshops has returned to Duke with a new mission.

Students danced the night away to live music at homecoming Friday night.

Homecoming attracts Dukies of all ages

Krzyzewskiville and Wilson gym were transformed into a party venue for the President Brodhead's Homecoming Dance on Friday Evening.

Students and alumni sound off on BSA Throwdown

The Black Student Alliance hosted a Homecoming Throwdown to commemorate the 50th anniversary of black students attending Duke.

The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity held its grand opening on Sept. 27.

Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity opens doors to alumni

The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity held its grand opening on Sept. 27, welcoming alumni, students and administrators alike.

Duke brough Oktoberfest to West Campus Friday.

Students comment on Duke's Oktoberfest

Duke University Union started off homecoming weekend with Oktoberfest, a new annual event that brought the traditional 17-day German festival to chapel quad Friday evening.

Number of study abroad students reach record high

More Duke students are currently studying abroad than ever before.

Q&A with student from first study abroad program

The Chronicle’s Sasha Zients sat down with Rev. Martha Ballard, T ’75 and Divinity ’78, who went on the very first Duke-sponsored study abroad trip.

Students create new online political website

HDRL changes painting and banner policy

Changes announced by Housing, Dining and Residence Life in August discouraged students from painting their rooms and limited the dimensions of banners hung outside windows.

Future of DukeOpen push unclear

Student coalition DukeOpen is gradually making its way through administrative processes in its push for greater endowment transparency.

Revised Knock and Talks program brings student representatives to Durham doors

Duke students and police visited students' off-campus homes as part of the Knock and Talks program this fall instead of student conduct officials and Durham police.

Student YouTube video supporting Miss America gains national attention

A video featuring Duke students expressing support for newly crowned Miss America Nina Davuluri has garnered national attention—including recognition from Davuluri herself.

Fort Duke beats world record, stresses sustainability

Cardboard boxes and volunteers littered the Chapel Quad as students beat the world record for the largest structure constructed with only boxes and tape.

Graduate students find community on the field

"Pitch, Please" and "Ball's Deep" may sound like the start of an inappropriate joke, but they are actually just the names of two graduate student sports teams.

Greek Convocation stresses unity

The convocation stressed the importance of unity across the different ethnicities, religions and socioeconomic backgrounds found in Greek life.

Fix My Campus targets food trucks, efficient recycling

Fix My Campus is working on multiple projects, such as bringing more food trucks to the on-campus dining line-up.

New student group connects students to service through dance

A new student group is connecting Duke students to children in Durham through the power of dance.

Undergraduate entrepreneurs utilize Uni to meet goals

While keeping up with heavy course loads, some students have decided to take on the extra challenge of creating and maintaining a startup company.

New campus enterprise allows students to purchase class notes

A new campus enterprise could give students more options for acquiring notes when they miss a class.

Graduate students secure new loan options

As of this academic year, graduate students have a new means of securing loans in advance of their stipends.