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Duke Dining: Best in the nation because of outside, local vendors?

But what are these partnerships actually like and what challenges arise from working with independent restaurateurs instead of Duke employees?  And more importantly, at a time when universities are steadily increasing tuition and the public is calling for colleges to spend more on financial aid, how much value should schools really place on their dining?


Kim Cates took a stance in the Duke lacrosse case—what does that mean for students today?

The clock strikes midnight. It’s Wednesday—or it was—but students continue to pulse to “Mr. Brightside,” unaware of the coming morning. Kim Cates glides from a corner of the bar, which she affectionately named “Lacrosse Alley,” toward the mass of tangled bodies that now spills across the dancefloor.  Her eyes scan the crowd. She’s on the lookout. But for what? 


Duke donations: How does the University get so much money and what does it do with those contributions?

When you walk around the corner of Rubenstein Library that juts out toward the bus stop, the first thing you see is the towering Chapel and the statue of James B. Duke. But tucked down low on the corner itself, hidden behind purple and white blooms during the spring and summer, is a less conspicuous monument to the tobacco philanthropist—a thick gray cornerstone that reads “Duke University, Founded by James B. Duke, December 1924.”


How safe is Duke? Reality versus perception of campus crime

Crime has always been a hot topic on Duke's campus.  In late February, a student reported an attempted kidnapping on Central Campus. Students have also voiced concern about how long it took the University to send out a DukeAlert after a suspicious individual entered a dorm on West Campus in September 2017. The Duke University Police Department has said it is increasing the police presence around Central Campus and improving lighting. 


'There's a certain feeling when your feet leave the ground'

Pass by K-Ville, swipe in at Wilson Gym, walk past Quenchers and a grey, irregularly shaped wall with colorful blobs rises out of the floor beneath you. It’s the backdrop of Wilson’s cardio area. Squished into the corner surrounded by an army of exercise bikes and treadmills, the rock climbing wall is an obvious afterthought.