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Five observations from Duke men's basketball's first half against Virginia

(02/24/22 12:46am)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA.—In a rematch of Duke’s last-second loss to Virginia just weeks ago, the Blue Devils kicked off a three-game road stretch Wednesday night at John Paul Jones Arena. Halfway in, the Blue Devils lead 30-25, and fans may be in for another exciting finish between the ACC foes.

The five stages of first-year grief

(02/23/22 5:00pm)

Ever since coming to Duke I have felt like there are 40 tabs open in my brain at once, all of them incoherently unrelated and as soon as one is closed, another immediately opens. I believe that being a first-year is unique in this way—you are always working to understand this new way of living while simultaneously grieving your old way of living. Even if college was immediately everything you wished for and more, you still have to face, conquer, and make peace with adjustments from your old way of living.

Why body positivity?

(02/23/22 5:00am)

Like many people, I have struggled with my body image. And like many people, those concerns were unfounded. At my ‘worst,’ I was just a bit chubby. Nonetheless, I considered myself to be overweight for a long time. Why? People called me fat and, quite frankly, it warped my self perception. This idea of ‘fatness’ became an obsession for me. For a long time, I refused to have photos taken of me. The idea of people sharing them, and laughing at my body, terrified me. I avoided looking at myself in the mirror, and I changed my posture in an attempt to hide my insecurities. At the same time, in the midst of this deep, abiding shame, I did nothing to help myself. I didn’t exercise and I didn’t change my diet because, mentally, I was defeated. I viewed my body as a point of shame, rather than a part of me; I was fat because I was weak, and I was weak because I was fat. I didn’t have the will to exercise—I didn’t think I could—nor did I see a point in eating better.

Duke doctoral student Devang Thakkar shares inspiration, methodology for creating Wordle archive

(02/23/22 2:35am)

Wordle, a daily internet game invented by Josh Wardle where users have six opportunities to guess a random five-letter word, has skyrocketed to popularity since its creation in October 2021. But Wordle resets each day, leaving users out of luck if they wish to go back to previous Wordles they missed. 

Three points: Paint presence of key importance as Duke men's basketball takes on Virginia

(02/22/22 4:11pm)

It’s crunch time for Duke, which begins its slate of three consecutive away games Wednesday against Virginia. After a big revenge win against Florida State in head coach Mike Krzyzewski’s penultimate home game, the Blue Zone brings three keys to a Blue Devil redemption victory against the Cavaliers:

Three students launch campaigns for DSG president, executive vice president positions

(02/22/22 7:36am)

Candidates for Duke Student Government’s upcoming elections announced their campaigns on Monday. Juniors Drew Flanagan and Lana Gesinsky are running for DSG president, while junior Devan Desai is running uncontested for executive vice president.