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Friday Night Lights: The Finale

(04/11/09 11:43pm)

Let me tell you, it's hard to write on perfection. And Friday Night Lights is perfection. So before I slap a big ol' SPOILER ALERT on this here blog post, please permit me a few words to wax poetic about the greatest show on television. That's right, I said greatest show on television. Sure, there are people out there who would prefer Gossip Girl or some less-than-FNL-y show like that. But in the prophetic words of Coach Eric Taylor, "To those people, I would say you're wrong. You're dead wrong." Now, I'm not an expert on TV (some would argue I'm not even an expert on sports), but I do watch a lot more television than anyone else I know... and that has to count for something, right? Right. So without further ado, my thoughts/questions/concerns about last night's Friday Night Lights finale.

Blue and white noise

(03/25/09 7:00am)

Maybe I'm the only one, but I'm starting to get pretty sick of hearing about Duke lovers, Duke haters, why the Blue Devils shouldn't have won Saturday, why they won't win Thursday, how they can't make the Final Four, how they most definitely will make the Final Four, how they are a long shot to win it all and how they couldn't possibly win it all if Dick Vitale were a Bracket God filling in teams with his Digger-Phelps-style highlighter.