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Q&A: Duke sophomore interviews Pod Save America hosts, discusses students' role in politics

(11/07/19 4:34am)

Duke sophomore Nick DeParle interned with Crooked Media, the company behind Pod Save America, in summer 2019. DeParle sat down with the hosts of the podcast, Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor, to discuss the role of college students in today’s politics. This interview was edited for length and clarity.

Duke breeds more than devils

(11/08/19 5:00am)

As an alum who graduated in 2009, a recent Chronicle article by sophomore Christian Sheerer entitled "How Duke Breeds Devils" caught my attention. While I disagree with the darkness of the title, the thoughtful analysis and determined call for better action impressed me. Since I've already experienced this same disillusionment, I would like to offer encouragement to those who are struggling to see enough light on the other side of graduation.

Has streaming brought an end to cult films?

(23 hours ago)

Many have attempted to articulate the essence of what makes a cult film a cult film. According to the famously accurate and reliable Wikipedia, cult films are “known for their dedicated, passionate fanbase, an elaborate subculture that engage in repeated viewings, quoted dialogue and audience participation.” In a similar vein, perennial arbiter of all things culture Rolling Stone describes a cult film as having a “fiercely devoted audience that watches it over and over, preferably at midnight in a theater packed with other die-hards.” These two definitions are fairly adequate for almost 50 years of movie cult movie history. In this modern age of social media and streaming, however, such descriptions may no longer be accurate. The question then arises: Can cult films still exist today?

Hulu’s ‘Looking for Alaska’ is a dutiful and thoughtful adaptation

(11/13/19 7:47pm)

John Green’s 2005 teen novel “Looking for Alaska” is one of the few books I actively remember reading outside of the classroom in middle school, and for good reason. It tells the story of shy high school boy Miles “Pudge” Halter as he begins his junior year at a new boarding school in Alabama. Through Miles’s perspective, Green explores a wide variety of subjects many teenagers grapple with, including romance, academic stressors, bullying and booze, while in a mildly unique setting away from direct parental influence and with characters that, to my 13-year-old mind, seemed to avoid easy archetypical classification. 

There’s a lack of balance at Raleigh’s Benchwarmers Bagels

(11/08/19 5:01am)

Popular eateries can be conflicting. Perhaps it boils down to the fanfare surrounding a place, the high expectations that stem from it or simply the lingering thought that it’s among the “best” a city can offer. Compare the expectations with the reality and unfortunately, you’ll often be met with disappointment. Such was the case with Raleigh’s Benchwarmer’s Bagels, an eatery in Raleigh’s Transfer Co. Food Hall.

‘Modern Love’ offers bite-size rom-coms to those seeking a digital dose of feel-good this fall

(11/09/19 5:01am)

Amazon Prime’s newest anthology series, which premiered Oct. 18, follows a string of New Yorkers navigating their way through dating apps, running clubs, therapy sessions and grocery aisles in search of one connection to make it all worthwhile. The characters, ranging from a grieving girl who sees her father in the silvering sideburns of a workplace acquaintance  to an anxiety-ridden man who manages to impale himself on a martini glass during a second date, collectively demonstrate that love can manifest in clumsy and unconventional ways, particularly in the city that never sleeps.  Despite each episode’s relatively unique premise, some of the authenticity of its source material is lost in the neatness of each happy ending.

Jeff Goldblum is making sure jazz finds a way

(11/10/19 5:01am)

“Jazz, uh, finds a way,” or so says Jeff Goldblum’s Spotify playlist. Even if this weak attempt at capitalizing on his movie star status makes you cringe, Jeff Goldblum would like you to know that he is a man of many talents. In his newly released album, “I Shouldn’t Be Telling You This,” Goldblum introduces to the world 11 new jazzy tracks. 

What’s your sign?

(11/07/19 5:00am)

One of the first things I consciously remember reading as a child was a book on zodiacs. Dec. 4, 1998 — I was born a Sagittarius, the archer, a mutable fire sign with a “penchant for travel and the outdoors.” The Sagittarius is often signified by a centaur holding a bow and arrow, and is, in general, “idealistic, adventurous and energetic.” Sagittarius is most compatible with Leo, Aquarius and Aries, least compatible with Capricorn, Virgo and Pisces. The corresponding constellation is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. In many ways, even though I was still young and highly impressionable, I identified with these traits — not on experiential grounds, but through a sort of intrinsic sensibility — and simultaneously internalized them.

‘The Infiltrators’ is a unique mix of documentary and reenactment that addresses the immigration crisis

(11/08/19 5:00am)

The news is alight with stories and videos of law-abiding immigrants snatched away by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in front of their loved ones, families ripped apart and pregnant women blasted with fire hoses. They are taken to detention centers, where they either apply for asylum or wait to be deported. These facilities are shrouded in mystery and concerningly under-regulated.

Behind the scenes of arts and media: Sights and sounds at DEMAN Weekend 2019

(11/07/19 12:06am)

Each fall for the past 10 years, DEMAN Weekend brings together undergraduates and alumni for a fun and informative weekend about the creative industry. With famous keynote speakers, resume workshops and alumni panels, DEMAN Weekend is the perfect resource for any student looking to go into the arts. This year marked the 10th annual DEMAN Weekend, from Nov. 1 to 2. Duke made sure to make this particular weekend special, bringing in accomplished alumni and speakers such as CBS producer Marc Lieberman, Trinity ‘92, and ABC’s “Black-ish” producer Robb Chavis, Trinity ‘98.

Disney Plus and Generation Z’s insatiable nostalgia

(11/09/19 5:02am)

Scrolling through Instagram, I can never avoid posts asking for a return to the “Old Disney”: the Disney Channel movies and TV shows that defined childhood in the late ‘90s and early 2000s. Nostalgic young adults reminisce in the serendipity of seeing old commercials, theme songs and musical numbers pop up on their feed. These clips, however, appeared to be the only remaining form of these fading memories. That is, until now: starting this month, the nostalgic can binge all of their favorite titles on one platform. 

Key three: Duke men's basketball needs to feed the freshmen against Colorado State

(11/07/19 3:07am)

Duke has started off the season on a positive note, taking down No. 3 Kansas in a nail-biting grudge match. Now, the Blue Devils will return home and face off against Colorado State in their first home game of the regular season. The Blue Zone breaks down three key factors for Duke to keep momentum and stay undefeated: