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Is Duke’s motto an oxymoron?

(10/06/20 4:00am)

New Atheists were the first political movement I encountered online. These were the people who actively attacked Christianity, arguing that it was evil. They would find the most unflattering Bible verses possible and use them to argue that it wasn’t worth reading. Alternatively, they’d bring up the crusades, or the fact that children die, to “prove” that God is malevolent and therefore couldn’t exist. Suffice to say, their takes weren’t hot, but they made up for that with their burning passion.

The climate consequences election

(10/06/20 4:00am)

An election can be “about” a number of different things. Identity, policy, justice, conspiracy theories, voter suppression, debates, grab-a-beer vibes, whatever. Our elections are chaotic, reframed daily based on the noise of a 24-hour news cycle. But regardless of the reasoning that compels hundreds of millions of people to bubble in names, when the votes are tallied, we shall hand power to a new state and federal government. Power means real, physical, long-lasting consequences, no matter how trivial or foolish the campaign may be. An administration that ignores national security threats and sidelines science killed hundreds of thousands and put millions out of work as we entered the workforce. We need departments staffed by ambitious and competent professionals who are able to navigate a crisis. And we need long-term planning to ensure our lives are not throat-punched by some predictable disaster. As the West burns (and burns), as our cities and farms flood, as grim thousand-page reports from thirteen major national science agencies call for urgent climate action, we have a chance to choose a new government. 

Can we stop taking everything at face value?

(10/05/20 4:00am)

For the longest time,  I have wondered how conservative Christians’ staunch certainty that the queer community is sinning against the Lord came to be. After recently watching an episode of "Queer Eye" where the person being made over was a gay pastor–who discussed the presence of gayness in the Bible, citing the story of Jesus healing the slave of a centurion–I did some further research, and began to realize that some of this turmoil was bound to happen. Not simply because of conservative American Biblical interpretation, but also because of erasure combined with injection of intentionally harmful translation into the Bible itself over many centuries.