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Mark Zuckerberg: why the grey tee shirt?

(09/23/16 6:50am)

One of the cardinal directives of society is that everyone must abide by certain standards. We have certain expectations for cleanliness, personal grooming and behavior, and we expect others to respect our opinion whether or not they agree with it. One rule, however, seems to fly in the face of this law of conformity. If you are successful, this one reads, you can be as eccentric as you please, disregarding cultural norms.

Death to to-do lists

(09/09/16 1:17pm)

They are comforting, like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon. They make you feel accomplished, like getting the right answer to a difficult math problem. They make you feel as if you’re going somewhere, like Siri giving you directions when you’re in a strange neighborhood. To-do lists…They don’t work.

​Don’t tempt yourself

(07/15/16 5:50pm)

Greek mythology has an ample supply of images portraying the Sirens. No one quite knows who they are. They were, supposedly, daughters of the river god Achelous, but no legends can identify their mother. They were associated strongly with the sea, but are not sea deities. Some texts say there were only two or three of the singers, some say more, and their names alter and shift like the changing tides. Only one thing remains constant: their purpose. The Sirens are temptresses whose beautiful songs tempt sailors to cruise towards them, luring their ships to their fate, crushed against cruel rocks.