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From festival to arena: The impact of fast fashion on the concert industry

(09/22/23 4:08pm)

“You’ve Got the Tickets:” four words that every concert-lover wants to see. Waiting all day in the queue, fighting for your life to get the best seats and battling with the finicky check-out system on Ticketmaster are all worth it to know that you’ll soon be able to see your favorite artists live. However, tickets are just the first step. Transportation has to be figured out, the setlist has to be learned (unless you like going in blind) and, most importantly, your outfit has to be planned. 

Colleen Hoover: Booktok’s most divisive author

(03/03/23 4:59am)

Love her or hate her, you’ve probably heard of author Colleen Hoover. Step into a Barnes and Noble and you’ll be greeted with an entire stand dedicated to her plethora of books. They’re among the most read books on Goodreads, and her novel “It Ends With Us” is currently being adapted into a movie. Yet, despite the adoration and cult-like following that Hoover has received, her name also brings about a chorus of groans. YouTube reviews, bluntly titled “i read the 5 most popular colleen hoover books so you never have to” and “i read 3 colleen hoover books and my life has been changed... for the WORST,” beg the question: what makes the work of Colleen Hoover so controversial?