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Motivation at square one

(04/26/16 4:39am)

Let me start off by saying congratulations to the Class of 2016. Y’all truly did kill it. Your success stories keep many of us motivated to continue striving for perfection after having fallen just short of it time after time. To think that you folks made it through four years here is incredibly inspiring, and whether or not each of you achieved your ideal outcome, there is always time remaining to succeed. One year at Duke has already been taxing, but I—and I anticipate many others—are excited to continue to work hard and enjoy our time here. As LDOC approaches, I wanted to attempt to reflect on this year and spread some positivity before summer begins.

Immigration and the welfare state

(04/12/16 4:27am)

One of the issues at the forefront of this year’s election has been immigration policy. While the very unique political stances of the candidates have been and will continue to be tested against individual values and beliefs, I am more interested in weighing the effects of immigration, particularly illegal immigration, on the U.S. Federal Budget. This piece does not intend to support or attack any ideologies, but rather attempts to explore the effects of illegal immigration on issues surrounding the federal budget.

Looking into wage insurance

(03/29/16 3:59am)

During his State of the Union address earlier this year, President Obama outlined a wage insurance plan that would provide income loss coverage for American workers who are laid-off and subsequently forced into lower-paying jobs out of economic necessity. The wage insurance policy, which has been included in his budget proposal, would provide benefits to those who have worked the same job for at least three years before being laid off and have then been forced to take a lower paying job. It would replace wages at a rate of 50 percent of the difference between pre and post-unemployment salary for two years (up to $10,000) so long as the post-unemployment salary is less than $50,000.

A booming eSports industry

(03/01/16 7:10am)

Last year, Valve Corporation, a premier video game development company, organized a tournament labeled “The International 5” for one of its most popular PC games, DOTA 2. The tournament, which featured sixteen teams from around the world, had a prize pool of nearly $18.5 million. The first place team, which starred a 15-year-old kid from Illinois, walked away with a grand total of over $6.6 million.

Negative interest rates in Japan

(02/04/16 3:32pm)

Out of options and desperate for resurgence, the Japanese economy has been forced to try its luck with negative interest rates. The move was far from anticipated. Just eight days before the policy’s adoption, the Bank of Japan’s Governor, Haruhiko Kuroda, had said that such a plan was not under serious consideration. The shock value of the policy’s implementation could very well cement the deteriorated relationship between Japanese firms and the BOJ as repeated actions of this nature will only continue to validate market uncertainty for firms. Regardless, it is time to start asking the question of whether or not the Federal Reserve would consider such a policy here at home in the event of a recession.

Letter to the Editor

(11/23/15 7:17am)

Reading “Vegetarian community growing rapidly in Durham,” written by Anupriya Sivakumar on Nov. 12, it was great to see the issue of dining hall food choices brought up. More and more students are choosing to eat in ways which have minimal negative impact not only on animal welfare but also on their own health and the environment. I want to bring the latter to the attention of Duke students as an issue rarely discussed in relation to our consumption of animal products.

Ted Cruz’s chief of staff reflects on his Duke experience

(09/07/15 4:55am)

Paul Teller, Trinity ‘93, is the chief of staff for U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. Teller is the former Executive Director of the House of Representatives Republican Study Committee and has been cited as one of the most influential conservative aides in Washington. The Chronicle’s Ajay Desai recently spoke with Teller about the GOP primary, Cruz’s presidential run and Duke’s influence on Teller’s career: