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We need a better way to get groceries

(11/17/23 5:00am)

A few weeks into the semester, I was missing the simple, affordable and soul-satisfying meal of sunny-side eggs and a refreshingly cold glass of milk that I prepared for myself everyday before work in summer. The meal was as cheap as it was simple, and I enjoyed the satisfaction of cooking it. So, in search of a carton of eggs and milk, I went to the West campus convenience store — only to realize that there weren’t any there. I was out of luck and didn’t have the time to take the C1 and then trek 10 minutes to Harris Teeter or Whole Foods. The cooking had to wait.

The constant 'renovations' on Abele Quad are counterproductive

(11/03/23 11:10am)

If you've been asking yourself when construction and maintenance work is going to end on West Campus, it’s completely understandable. In my first two months on campus as a transfer student, I’ve had to learn and then relearn the ways to my classes not once but at least half a dozen times. I’ve become exhausted from attempting to find new foolproof ways to classes, the library, WU and the bus stop. I’ve even gotten lost in the Divinity School while finding a detour for traveling between my statistics class at the Levine Science Research Center and the library because the path I normally take through the breezeway was closed.

Just how much higher are food prices on campus?

(10/05/23 2:11pm)

If you’ve ever been to campus, one of the first things you’ve probably noticed is the absurd price of food at Wu. This has been a subject of campus controversy: Administration recently gave $300 in dining plan points to students on financial aid in light of exorbitant food prices. The relatively cheap prices at the now-shuttered campus Panda Express were also raised as a critique of the administration’s decision to part ways with the fast food chain. To top it off, our dining services were also sardonically covered by David Leonhardt of the New York Times, in a piece generally criticizing the lack of socioeconomic diversity on campus.