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I love podcasts (and you might, too)

(04/12/17 4:00am)

Recently, I’ve found myself listening to more and more podcasts, to the point where they’ve edged out music as my favorite thing to listen to in many situations. Given how neat they are, and how many of them exist, I’m constantly surprised to find that many people don’t listen to any podcasts, or even know where to find them if they want to. I think that some combination of a lack of exposure, a belief that podcasts are all just recordings of boring radio shows and a degree of impatience in finding new podcasts stops many people from trying out the genre, despite the diversity and quality of many shows that are available. Within the panoply of podcasts that are out there, my favorites are all comedy shows; so, with what little power this editorial gives me, I’m going to suggest a few of my favorite comedy podcasts, and explain what makes them so good.

Battling 'premature nostalgia'

(02/08/17 4:59am)

I’m a senior. I’m writing that just as much to provide some context for the editorial I’m about to write as to reiterate the fact to myself. In some ways being a senior feels normal, but in others it feels completely unreal. My time at Duke has flown by, and now that I’m looking down the barrel of the rest of my life, I’m beginning to feel what one friend of mine adeptly dubbed “premature nostalgia.” It’s an odd feeling, and the best way that I can try to explain it is to say that despite the fact that I still have three months left at Duke, I feel like I’m already looking back at the experiences that I’m having right now and asking myself things like, “will I remember this night five years from now?” and “what about this is going to make for a good story when I tell my kids about it?”.

The Nasher to showcase Nina Chanel Abney's 'Royal Flush'

(01/19/17 1:32am)

This semester, the Nasher Museum of Art will be exhibiting a collection of the works of Nina Chanel Abney under the title “Royal Flush.” Abney’s work has been highly acclaimed, and while it has been shown in galleries and exhibitions across the country, this will be her first solo exhibition in N.C. Abney has been described by Vanity Fair as a champion of the Black Lives Matter movement, and while much of her work deals with issues of racial dynamics, to ascribe a single theme to her portfolio would be an oversimplification.

A defense of Taco Bell

(11/16/16 5:00am)

Taco Bell gets a bad rap. Everyone knows the classic jokes made about it: that it’s gross, that the food is fake, that it gives you uncontrollable diarrhea. While I’m no spokesman for the magnificent fast-food chain that is Taco Bell, I feel a moral obligation to speak my mind, and to right the wrongs that have been done to my favorite fake Mexican food establishment. By the time that you are done reading this article, I hope to have convinced you that Taco Bell is a respectable and laudable dining establishment.

How to act at a career fair

(09/21/16 4:00am)

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you know that it’s job application season here at Duke University. Freshly returned from their summer internships, students have wasted no time in turning around and starting the whole process over again. For some, this is an invigorating prospect; for others, such as myself, it is stressful and sometimes overwhelming.

'BoJack Horseman' delivers dark, introspective commentary in its third season

(07/27/16 4:00am)

Last week, the third season of the Netflix original series “BoJack Horseman” was released, continuing the chronicle of the show’s titular character BoJack Horseman. Following the precedent set by the first two seasons, season three is as good as ever: sometimes incredibly silly, sometimes spellbinding and poignant and often both simultaneously.

Disney's Margaret Skoglund T'10 talks navigating the theater industry

(06/06/16 4:08am)

Duke is nationally famous for many reasons, not the least of which is its uncanny ability to send graduating students to work at top financial institutions and medical schools. However, Duke’s campus is far more diverse than this reputation would make it seem. Walking around campus, one does not merely see students like artists to athletes talented in only one discipline, but rather a collection of students who are all talented in many ways and offer a range of skills to the job market.

Life, Love, and the Oxford Comma

(04/07/16 5:05am)

Recent events have once again rendered Duke’s campus turbulent and fraught with strife. Protests against what many students consider a lack of accountability on the part of the administration have divided students into several camps—for every protester at the Allen building, there seems to be an equal and opposite counter-protester posting aggravated comments on Yik Yak. No matter your position on the matter, the discussion is inescapable.

Ode to Loop broccoli

(02/25/16 8:18am)

As we are all aware, Duke’s dining program is ranked consistently as one of the top in the nation. While many students grumble and complain that this statistic does not reflect the actual quality of food on campus, I disagree. The reason that I disagree is not WaDuke, Merchants on Points or any of the hoity-toity food trucks that come to campus every week. Instead, I feel that the true cause of Duke Dining’s greatness is the broccoli from Duke’s very own Loop Pizza Grill.