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A bittersweet goodbye to The Phantom of the Opera

(04/03/23 4:00am)

I'm fairly certain that Andrew Lloyd Webber never imagined that his musical The Phantom of the Opera would ever have experienced its future smashing success when it made its Broadway debut on January 26, 1988. Now, 35 years, 13,925 performances, seven Tony Awards and $1.3 billion in gross revenue later, his musical is preparing to close its curtains for good on April 16 of this year. This begs the question: does the closing of The Phantom of the Opera signal the final bow for Broadway?

To find our own definition of success

(03/09/23 5:00am)

“I’ve pulled too many all-nighters this week,” I confessed to my friend while I studied with her for our midterms. My mind flashed back to the repetition of polishing every solution in my 20-page homework assignment. To when I stayed up all night until I finished a music theory assignment at 9:30 AM and felt like I was going to pass out during the next day’s 10:15 class..

When attacks to the liberal arts become increasingly artificial

(01/30/23 5:00am)

Liberal arts have long since been the subjects of study. Despite being naturally diverse and broadly defined, higher-education liberal arts programs have clear and transparent end goals for students: to think creatively, critically and independently. They also provide practical professional knowledge and transfer empathic, intellectual and communicational skills. Understandably, this utility should not be denied to any social class.

Separate the art from the artist — a reflection of the ‘cancel culture’

(12/09/22 5:00am)

The question of whether it is possible to dissociate the artist from their work has been debated for a long time. Some people have become famous and have succeeded in their artistic work after positive reviews of their behavior. On the other hand, other well-known actors, musicians, artists or athletes have had their careers hampered by controversies.

Classical music matters at Duke

(11/08/22 5:00am)

At some point in our life, many of us have been fascinated by the beautiful storytelling in Taylor Swift’s new albums or felt connected to the flashy, upbeat music by BTS blasting from the radio. Today's singers and songwriters take advantage of modern music technology to capture and convey their sentiments. Every component—the lyrics, the beats, the dynamics and even the music videos—contributes to the essence of that song.