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Wake up

(04/25/05 4:00am)

“The transition from one order of life to another is not always accomplished by degrees, like sand running through an hour-glass, grain by grain. It is rather like water pouring into a jug floating on a stream. At first the water enters only from one side, slowly and steadily, but as the jug grows heavier it suddenly sinks rapidly and then takes in all the water it can hold.”

A Lost Cause?

(03/07/05 5:00am)

The Duke Sudan Coalition faces an interesting dilemma. Students who disagree with DSC’s political lobbying hesitate to take up the same banner of human rights, against the genocide that has claimed nearly 300,000 lives in Darfur. Others, who may not disagree on policy, fail to back the initiative for a slew of reasons: disinterest, apathy or lack of information and time.

Is it in you?

(11/15/04 5:00am)

No one has life all figured out. Our most profound questions often seem unanswerable: How do we live well? How should we uphold our ideals? Which path will bring us wisdom? My impatient mind has raced through history searching for truth—is it in Thoreau? in Gandhi? in Seinfeld?

Suffering an education

(11/01/04 5:00am)

Moving minds, changing perception, provoking thought—these mantras have been my credo as an aspiring writer. Yet the last two weeks have demonstrated that a string of alphanumeric characters invokes a unique meaning for each reader, well beyond my control. Evidence and logic are matters of the mind; they mean little to the heart. I resort, instead, to my experience, which is all I have ever known.

Einstein's Universe

(09/27/04 4:00am)

Physics: the fundamental science and ultimate source of technological innovation in our society, focused at the heart of inquiry about space and time. What Einstein called “the humble attempt to understand even a tiny portion of the Reason that manifests itself in nature.” With high scores for affricative value (ffffffiiiizzziiiixx!) and nerd quotient, it inspires the deepest of fears in the best of us. And its ranks are filled with the most boring, odd and quirky people you’ll ever meet.

The new black America

(09/20/04 4:00am)

Dave Chappelle is a genius. In a masterful comedy sketch from the first season of “Chappelle’s Show,” Chappelle plays a black white supremacist—whose blindness at birth prevents him from ever knowing his true colors. The character is shielded from the truth by fellow KKK members, who assert that he’s “too important to the movement.” Besides, they add, if he knew he’d probably kill himself.

Commentary: How to improve undergraduate life

(04/12/04 4:00am)

With the ushering in of Yalie Richard Brodhead as our next president, Duke is at a crucial juncture in its development as an institution of higher learning. On the heels of the fifth largest university fundraising campaign in American history and Nan's initiative to explore the quality of life for women in the community, Duke has renewed its commitment to both excellence and equality in higher education.

Column: The Dream

(11/03/03 5:00am)

Education, which comes from the Latin educo, "to lead out," is the light that guides our society across time. Human beings are only able to progress as a people because each generation chooses to teach the next about the triumphs and failures of those that have come before. Education allows people to build on past successes, right historic wrongs and explore entirely different worlds. It can cure the problems of racism, disease, poverty and war. By any measure, all individuals who have succeeded in life have in some way been taught by someone else. And only through a strong commitment to education can the youth of today become the knowledgeable leaders of tomorrow--leaders passionate for and inspired by all that life has to offer.