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Olive Garden as a metaphor for life

(01/17/24 5:00am)

I really love Olive Garden. It’s where I’ve celebrated my birthday for many years, where my parents and I stop on vacation for a nice meal, where my family dined the night before I left for college — the list goes on, but many important moments in my life have been commemorated in the company of free breadsticks. Sure, in recent years, I’ve gained more of an appreciation for trying local food and expanding my palate, but there’s just something so heartwarming about the predictability of a chain — especially one that showers you with freebies.

Which Cameron Crazie free-throw distraction is the most effective? An analysis from inside the graduate student section

(11/03/23 4:40am)

In Cameron Indoor Stadium, section 17 is front and center — Cameron Crazies pack the undergraduate student section more than an hour before tipoff and serve as the nucleus of energy that envelops the building at gametime. Many of the chants, cheers and jeers for which the Blue Devils have become famous originate from these packed rows of fans.

A definitive guide to pretending you know Durham restaurants

(09/23/21 4:00am)

When my medical school classmates hear that I went to Duke for undergrad, they assume I know a lot about Durham restaurants. This is a very fair assumption. If I met someone who lived somewhere for four years, I would assume they could at least name a few good restaurants in the area. However, people severely underestimate my ignorance about all things culinary in Durham.