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Good news! Your MacBook Pro is saving the world

(10/06/23 5:57am)

Chances are, if you're reading these words on The Chronicle’s website, then you’re probably using an Apple device to do so. No need for statistics to back up that observation; a quick look around our campus tells the story. Apple loves college students so much that they offer an education pricing discount that drops a $2,499 laptop to just $2,299! Oh wow — a whole $200 discount! I'm not even going to apologize for being snarky about it: Most student discounts are at least in the double-digit range. In case that slam-dunk education-pricing deal isn’t enough to get you in those shiny glass doors of an Apple store, what if you could now feel good about buying a new laptop? No, not through your wallet, silly, but your conscience!

Burning Man in a burning world

(09/12/23 4:00am)

Every year, an unlikely mix of Patagonia-wearing, Silicon Valley-residing ‘tech bros’ and countercultural celebrants put their differences aside and make an annual pilgrimage to Black Rock Valley where they can escape the woes of capitalism — albeit just for a few days. It is here, in Rural Nevada, where this unlikely alliance will engage in the collective construction of a temporary residence known as Black Rock City.