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Rooftop igloos among downtown Durham's COVID-conscious dining options

(03/15/21 5:56pm)

This week, we reached a milestone that none of us ever thought or hoped we would reach: we have now lived in the COVID-19 crisis for an entire year. When reflecting on the aspects of life that have changed the most over the last year, one notable difference is how restaurants have adapted their businesses to simultaneously keep their doors open and keep their staff and customers safe.

Eating cleaner with Vegan Flava Cafe

(02/15/21 7:51pm)

Although it’s certainly nothing to be ashamed of, it is fairly common for college freshmen to put on a few extra pounds — lovingly named the "freshman fifteen" — during the school year. With less time to exercise and relax, many find themselves eating the foods that might be the most immediately satisfying, such as fries, chips, cake or even the occasional crepe from Cafe. With the many stressors of being a first-year, it becomes difficult to give much thought to eating a healthy, balanced diet. 

Duke Performances' spring season features an enticing virtual lineup

(02/01/21 5:00am)

With so many clubs, teams and organizations on campus, it is easy for students to live in a Duke “bubble” and miss out on what the wider Durham community has to offer. To connect with not only the local community but also the global community in a meaningful way, look no further than Duke Performances’ Spring 2021 season. With a lineup of artists from around the world, Duke Performances brings original performances right to your home computer or classroom. 

New Durham eatery Plum serves up southern hospitality and comfort food

(01/26/21 11:06pm)

Authentic tapas, delicious Italian pasta, delicate French cuisine and hefty American burgers: these foods from around the world can be found not far off Duke’s campus in downtown Durham. Durham has been on the rise as a major foodie city for a few years, and now everywhere you turn there is an amazing local restaurant just waiting to delight.

Baking, champagne and witches: A feel-good holiday roundup

(01/20/21 5:00am)

It is a tradition for my family to celebrate the holiday season all together. Cousins fly from near and far, usually to my grandparents so that they do not have to travel. This year, however, I found myself isolated from my other family members, leaving me with more down time. Naturally, I spent all this extra time watching new TV shows and listening to new music. Below are some of my favorites that occupied my time over the break.

Dancing through the darkness: Ninth Street Dance keeps on moving

(11/03/20 11:54pm)

As a Durham native, I like to believe that I’ve experienced every nook and cranny of the local Durham arts scene, even though that’s far from the truth. Since I’ve become an official Duke student, I’ve unfortunately had less and less time on my hands to get out and explore all that Durham has to offer. Not to mention that the pandemic has undermined the ability of Duke students and Durham residents alike to reap the benefits of living in such a vibrant local arts community. Nevertheless, there are still bountiful opportunities to engage with the Durham arts if we just look a little harder.

Duke ASA organizes first-ever Asian Creatives Festival

(10/26/20 5:27pm)

At this point in the semester, we all know the Zoom drill — wake up, roll out of bed and into your desk chair, and promptly turn your camera off to go make a cup of coffee. I would strongly recommend actually getting out of bed, though, or else you might end up like me: falling back asleep in the middle of your math lab in a breakout room. This is just one of the many reasons why the Asian Students Association (ASA) has taken a different approach when developing their inaugural Asian Creatives Festival (ACF) this fall.

Hot and fresh out the oven takes on 'The Great British Baking Show'

(10/06/20 2:08am)

Everybody knows that you are never supposed to go grocery shopping when you’re hungry. You end up getting snacks you don’t need and inevitably load up on sugary treats you’ll regret buying later. What nobody tells you, however, is that television baking competitions can have the same effect. This would have been useful knowledge to have about five slices of Marketplace cake ago.

Duke podcast 'Freshly Squeezed Pulp' rethinks the pulp novel

(09/28/20 4:04pm)

If your next C1 bus ride feels like it's dragging on forever, you might consider tuning into “Freshly Squeezed Pulp,” (FSP) one of Duke’s many student-produced podcasts. The podcast, co-founded by senior and treasurer of FSP Brock Foreman, who uses they/them pronouns, and rising senior and writer for their Tarzan series Daniel Egitto (he/him), focuses on revamping the familiar stories from the pulp fiction genre for a twenty-first century audience.