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“See you later alligator, in denial crocodile!”

(03/24/22 4:00am)

Apex predators have a weird superiority complex. I suppose some of that entitlement stems from not having any natural predators. Top of the food chain: a life with no risk and a risk to all life. Sounds riveting. For example, consider a crocodile. Yesterday, I watched a brief nature documentary of an aggressive crocodile hunting in a swamp, snapping its jaws at what seemed to be a couple of bass fish. Between you and I, the crocodile was agitating a rather infuriated electric eel. What a silly crocodile! Doesn’t it know that there’s no favorable outcome for what’s about to happen? It’s about to, quite literally, bite itself in its ass.  

“I am in love with my cousin.”

(02/11/22 7:21pm)

I grew up in Florida, which is a state infamous for its peculiarity. Among all peculiarities, a common one is that some Floridians’ first kiss was one of their cousins. Disclaimer: not everyone in Florida goes around making out with their relatives (@Alabama), but it was a quirky fun fact about a few too many people I knew. However, no matter how many times I heard the same “we were just fooling around” story, I always first felt shocked, then afraid, and ultimately, repulsed. My extreme reaction told me that this shouldn’t be happening.  

Burnout? Yeah, it’s that time again.

(12/09/21 5:00am)

Are you constantly exhausted and depressed, with an endless pit of anxiety tumbling in your gut? Do you find yourself re-reading paragraphs of your fifty page reading assignment, as if the words are flying over your head? Are your 8:30s starting to hit different in the mornings? Do you want to just bash your head with a textbook, praying that some of the content transfers to your single brain cell?