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FAREWELL COLUMN: Looking back, moving on: Let the fireworks begin

(04/27/04 4:00am)

It was a Saturday night of one of the last weekends in college and the first real warm night of spring. My best friends and I were getting ready for that one last night out at Shooters when we realized the booms we heard were the fireworks at the Durham Bulls game just a few miles away. So we ran outside and stood on the balcony in awe, pointing at the bright flashes of light beyond the white buildings of our apartment complex and through the trees in the background. But soon, the girls all went back inside to the TV, the drinks, the makeup applications in front of the mirror, and I was out there alone.

Quake spurs action by professor students

(02/12/04 5:00am)

When Dr. Amir Rezvani, associate research professor of biological psychiatry, went back to his home country of Iran in December 2003, he thought it would be just like any other visit: a time to revisit his past and the many family members who still live there. He was even invited to give a seminar on biomedical aspects of addiction--one of his areas of research at Duke--in a Tehran psychiatric hospital. Yet he never expected what he ended up experiencing.

Athletico Et Religio

(12/09/03 5:00am)

Dressed in navy athletic shorts and a jersey bearing a Duke No. 10, wet hair tucked behind her ear and sinewy muscles rippling down her arms and legs, Heidi Hollenbeck looks like what she is: a Duke varsity athlete. The sophomore faces challenges every day of her life--and it's not always on the athletic field, where she plays midfield for the women's soccer team. She puts her heart into each practice and game, but she believes her primary mission lies beyond scoring the winning goal--in expressing the love of God and sharing that message with the greater Duke community. Spreading the Word is something she feels she was brought here to do first and foremost, above athletics. Before each game, Hollenbeck wraps athletic tape around her wrist, upon which she scribbles a Biblical verse or a cross. This visible mark serves as a reminder that religion is a part of everything in her life, including soccer.

Southern cooking in the Big Apple

(10/24/03 4:00am)

It's your typical southern scene: They've got ribs and hush puppies, Blue Devil shots, and Coyote Ugly-esque girls dancing on the bar. White Trash Wednesdays (when a southern ID gets you a 25 percent discount) and Atlantic Coast Conference game days always bring in a crowd, and it is well known as the place to go to "Put some South in yo' mouth," as its motto says. You'd expect to find a place like Brother Jimmy's in Durham... but in the trendy confines of Manhattan?

A community commitment

(04/07/03 4:00am)

Lauren Echstenkamper is a 19-year-old freshman who happens to love French music, traveling, watching the West Wing and Alias, and interesting wrist watches--she currently sports a pink PowerPuff Girls one. She was a living history performer at a historical site for many years. She also loves books, and is currently trying to get through her favorite one, The Count of Monte Cristo, in French--which consists of not one, but two 700-page volumes. She has absolutely no idea what she wants to do in the future, though she loves her eclectic mix of karate, French, public policy, psychology and world music classes this semester.

Duke EMS: Keeping watch over campus

(02/28/03 5:00am)

It was a chilly Tuesday night near the Levine Science Research Center, but most of the people present weren't paying attention to the weather. Instead, they ran around with stretchers, bandages, tape and other medical equipment amidst the noisy chaos of a mock multi-casualty explosion accident. The scene looked so real that one passerby stopped and asked, "Excuse me, is this an exercise?"

Dedicated crazie

(02/05/03 5:00am)

As if the crazy towel guy were not enough inspiration at Duke men's basketball games, the student body has acquired a first-class fanatic of its own. Attending virtually every men's basketball game in the past two years in a referee shirt, blue cape and blue hair is Pasha Majdi, a truly energetic Cameron Crazie.

Convenience and community

(11/12/02 5:00am)

Senior Dave Russell has to duck his head when he walks into his room, for fear that his tall frame will hit the low pipes running along the ceiling just an inch above him. While this inconvenience is a disadvantage to Russell, he enjoys--for the most part--being one of only 463 seniors who chose to live on West Campus this year, compared with about 530 in previous years.