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Our day-to-day difference

(10/17/05 4:00am)

Newspapers, which almost always offer information about the past, have a strange resistance to remembering what happened before today. Even the grammar rules avoid any self-reflexivity: News writers are never supposed to reference themselves and the word "yesterday" is literally banned. There are no footnotes to acknowledge that the story on page 1 has been written before.

Nasher Equilibrium

(09/28/05 4:00am)

This is how it begins. In an empty room made of concrete panels and industrial glass. In a room made of negative space but with countless walls. With a ceiling made of glass that fades into the sky or at least into the sun. With shadows on the floor from the white steel supports and the industrial-strength air conditioning ducts. As the sun shifts overhead, the soft light shuffles across the concrete floor and oozes into corners that were never dark to begin with, and the gray imprints of all that piping shimmy across the floor.

The role of ALE

(08/29/05 4:00am)

This time, students can’t complain that police who troll for parties and answer noise complaints are merely spoilers shirking their “real” responsibilities as protectors against violent crime. The Alcohol Law Enforcement is solely devoted to enforcing the state laws governing alcohol, tobacco, controlled substances and gambling—basically, their job is to limit underage vices. The 104 sworn agents with the division are trained to handle firearms and to use deadly force. They are not police officers, but ALE agents can arrest people or take other investigatory or enforcement actions for any criminal offense.