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Sandwich smackdown: Pitchfork’s fried chicken sandwich wins gold

(12/01/23 5:00am)

Few foods on campus stoke genuine delight for me anymore. This is partially due to my eating habits, as I tend to eat the same dish until I get bored. I’ve also lived on West Campus since freshman year, so I’ve tried just about every dish available, even obscure ones like Sprout’s French toast sticks and Tandoor’s dosas. My taste buds have been craving something new and different for a while now. 

Naps in Neverland: Three things I’ll miss about Duke in the working world

(11/03/23 11:04am)

When I was a freshman, I thought that being a working adult would be paradise. Corporate America would mean the absence of my biggest Duke gripes: midterm exams, big egos and suspiciously soggy $5 cantaloupe. Never again would I spend $10 on 10 grams of salmon or sob over a silly school assignment. I would get paid for opening my laptop. What could be better?

How to eat more protein at the Brodhead Center

(03/17/21 4:00am)

Before I start, a disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or dietitian, nor am I remotely knowledgeable about nutrition by any means. My only relevant background experience is writing a love letter professing my adoration of chicken shawarma disguised as an opinion column. But, I hope that’s enough for you to keep reading about my experiences hunting down high-protein options at the Brodhead Center. 

Don’t sleep on chicken shawarma

(02/24/21 5:00am)

Students know Farmstead for simple, delicious classics like baked salmon, roasted carrots or mashed potatoes. Farmstead’s offerings usually don’t feature a mélange of vegetables and meats like in the Ginger + Soy’s Chicken Teriyaki bowl, nor a layering of carb to meat to cheese to vegetable, like in ABP’s toasted chicken avocado sandwich. Instead, a singular vegetable or meat is the star of the show.